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Liberal MNA Gerry Sklavounos alleged to have sexually assaulted young woman in Québec City

Joined: Apr 17 2002

Nothing is proved, but several other reports emerging have referred to inappropriate behaviour by the MNA.

His riding is a short walk north of the one where I live (I have lived in that riding) and interestingly, it corresponds to a swath of Justin Trudeau's riding, Papineau. Laurier-Dorion is essentially Villeray and Park Extension; Papineau also includes part of St-Michel to the east.

This is a huge scandal here, following on the spate of sexual assaults at Laval University.


Joined: Apr 17 2002

Sorry for the self-reply, but here is another report, in French, about alleged inappropriate behaviour:

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He's out of the Liberal caucus, and police are allegedly investigating (again). QS is saying he should resign as MNA.

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