Quebec Election October 1, 2018

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Quebec Election October 1, 2018

Unlike Ontario, there is a path to power for Liberals in Quebec

As Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals go in Ontario’s spring election, so too will go Philippe Couillard’s ruling party in Quebec in the fall? Given the turn of the campaign for the Ontario Liberals there certainly are too many parallels to comfort their Quebec cousins. But there are also striking differences.

Wynne and Couillard became leaders of their respective parties within six weeks of each other in 2013. At the time the Liberals in both provinces seemed to have exhausted their welcome in government.


The CAQ enjoys an advantage in the seat count far beyond its lead in the popular vote thanks to its support among francophone voters. While the gap between the CAQ and Liberals is only five points provincewide, Legault's party is 18 points ahead of the Liberals among francophones.

The CAQ has 40.2 per cent support among francophones, followed by the Liberals at 22 per cent and the PQ at 19.5 per cent. Among non-francophones, the Liberals dominate (as they usually do) with 68.3 per cent support. The CAQ follows at a distance with 10.2 per cent support among non-francophones.



While I personally agree with the CAQ's idea to have a universal 8.05$ per day fee for subsidized daycare, I think its bad politics and they just hurt themselves because they're turning on a significant part of their base.

The CAQ voter base is essentially 2 groups.

1. The "I hate Muslims and non white immigrants" crowd.

2. The selfish "I don't have kids, so why should I pay school tax" crowd.

This policy position basically betrays that second group and I've already heard complaints in the media about it. The left will never support the CAQ so this makes no sense. It would be ironic if the CAQ loses because they're too much to the left of the Liberals. But, please go on, make more left wing announcements :)

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I'd rather take 4 more years of Couillard than 4 days with Legault. Hopefully if that happens,the PQ can get their shit together and once again become the natural option and the CAQ can go back under their rock..