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Is the PQ running on empty?

Recent poll shows the party in third place and it’s easy to see why. The Parti Québécois seems to have plenty of dreams for itself, but little for Quebec.

By Chantal Hébert

Fri., May 19, 2017


Quebec poll: Fed by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois's charm campaign, QS nipping at PQ's heels


I am wondering if this thread title should be updated since it is now the middle of 2017? In any case here is a seat projection based on averaging the latest Leger and Mainstreet polls. Liberal minority with QS achingly close to holding the balance of power.

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Bordering on cocky in a recent interview with the Presse Canadienne, Nadeau-Dubois said he is thinking big. He said QS is ready to take power in Quebec and he can see himself premier.

“We are now in the stage of marching toward (forming) government,” Nadeau-Dubois said, predicting his party will be nibbling at the voters of all the other parties.

“From now on, QS will be telling voters we are ready to form the next government. I intend to disturb (the other parties). I didn’t get into politics to sit quietly in my corner.”


The latest Léger poll shows PQ support is lower than when Pierre Karl Péladeau quit:

Un sondage confirme le déclin du Parti québécois