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Rick Salutin is not usually this dim. Whether one agrees or not the CJC has always taken to task anyone who has, in its opinion, misused Nazi analogies. I can think of many times over many years it has done so and politics never entered the picture.

Rick's first mistake, in my view, is attacking Ed Morgan. While he may have signed the letter about Elizabeth May he did so on behalf of CJC. He is after all the CJC President.

In years past other President's may have signed this letter from Rabbi Gunther Plaut to Professor Irving Abella to Dorothy Reitman. So asking "Ed Morgan" if he did or did not do something 17 years ago is either dim or disingenuous.

And let's not forget other CJC repreasentatives. Hell, Bernie Farber, no matter what you think of him, is no shrinking violet. How many of us have heard him condemn the use of Nazi comparisions over the years?

So while Mr. Salutin is certainly welcome to his opinions it would do him well to begin his thesis with facts not fancy.

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