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Take the rabble survey!

Harper might have kicked the census, but it's alive and well on rabble.ca. Take it, why don't you!

In 2007 rabble conducted a survey of our vistors and it helped us to upgrade and improve the site.  A lot has changed at rabble since 2007 but we haven't had a survey since then, until now.  

Since 2007 we have a new design, new features, new writers, a new look and a growing audience. With a growing audience we want to know who is visiting rabble and what is working and not working for you

The good news? When we tested it out people finished in under ten minutes.  Some did it in five.  And if you take the survey you can be entered into a draw to win a Flip camera or a CD music pack featuring independent Canadian artists.  Not a bad deal.

[from the rabble staff blog]

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This is a good chance for babblers to get yourselves represented. Get counted!



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Question 21 (employment) doesn't show a "retired"or "disability pension" option.


Took it.

ETA: Babblers can Freep it!Laughing

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Thanks, Boom Boom. That's a big omission. I've contacted the survey author to let him know.

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Have some fun with it.  Put "Retired" under Gender.

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Might be more interesting if it didn't shut itself down after the second page.


I had the same problem with retired and also missed self-employed there, but picked that up on the next question. 

20 doesn't list trade school, technical college or ojt.

The last two pages caught in a loop.

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If the survey seems to be cacking, it's only because I've already won the Flip camera and now it doesn't know what to do.  Sorry, gents.  ;)

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No way! I won it! And they gave me everyone's home address by mistake, including yours! I'm coming for ya, Snertie! fie fie foe fum ...

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You guys know that the prize is just a photo of me holding my new Flip camera, right? Rebecca and I both get one.

Anyway, I had experienced the feedback loop and thought it was fixed, but apparently not. It should be fixed now, though. And BB--they added an option to question 21 (not the most scientific, but luckily there had only been a few entries).

Thanks for the comments, everyone!


so there's no reason for me to file it out because the flip camera has already been given out - Laughing


sure isn't statistically significant with only 5 responses!

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The revised survey looks much better. Thanks for taking my comment under consideration.


Way to wreck the validity and reliability of the stats, Boom Boom. Look what one day at Wycliffe did to you...

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Laughing @ Caissa!


A lot of personal finance questions in there, and not nearly enough space for political diatribes.  I get asked the same questions by corporate telemarketers.  They usually want to know family income level, followed by education levels presumably to see what they're dealing with, in other words who to follow up...just a sec..the phone is ringing.

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There was some concern in the testing stages about the number of financial questions, but obviously one of the reasons for this survey is to help rabble form a sustainability plan. No plans have been made yet to follow up in the way you suggest, SJ, but, surely the economical situation of rabble's readership is important to a leftist media site?

You do have a comment box at the end to leave a diatribe if you like. Think of it like a tip!

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Ummmm, the survey never gives the 'front page' as an option, but next to babble, it's what I use most often.

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....I'm guessing this isn't the appropriate place to try to give some feedback on this survey attempt?


Sure it is...

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Oh, sorry LTJ, I missed your comment. I'm not the authority on this, but I believe, because of webstats, we know what parts of rabble.ca are visited most--but the survey is interested in what sections you like the most. The front page gathers all the different depts--blogs, babble threads, rpn, etc.--together, but we want to know which of those you find most interesting, useful, etc.

Or did you have different feedback in mind? I don't think we can add anything else to the survey at this point--it'll skew the numbers--but rabble staff are looking at this thread and maybe it will change the next time we do a survey.

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Bump. Hit it or quit it!


Where's that confounded bridge?


I filled out the survey, except for the last two or three pages; I like my surveys to be anonymous, although anyone who read my responses could guess it is me.

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Bump! Our survey now CAPTCHA free!