Welcome to rabble Brent Patterson!

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Welcome to rabble Brent Patterson!

rabble.ca would like to welcome the wonderful and prolific Brent Patterson to its blog section. As former Political Director for the Council of Canadians Brent tirelessly worked with Council chapter activists to promote social and environmental justice and now, with that body of experience and activism, he's with us!

Please take a moment to peruse his blog page to see what he's been up to. Here's his most recent blog on holding corporations to account for climate change fatalities.


At the time of the Industrial Revolution, Friedrich Engels used the term "social murder" to describe the deaths of people who passed away prematurely because of their living and working conditions.

Now, as the planet warms dangerously above pre-Industrial Revolution levels, social murder may be an appropriate term to describe the deaths of those who die prematurely due to climate change.


Great news, and looking forward to reading his blog.   The Council of Canadians is a quality outfit.  

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..welcome brent!


Thanks for your excellent work, especially on USMCA.

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Thank you!!