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Wishfull Thinking Column.



Jim Stanford's latest musings: [url=http://www.rabble.ca/columnists_full.shtml?x=56041]Why is it wishful thinking to hope for change?[/url]


Unemployed workers will get employment insurance.

* Employment Insurance is an essential $15-billion social program. And despite premium cuts, the program still turns a hefty annual profit (adding up to $50-billion in accumulated surpluses).

So, workers thrown onto the street in Canada's current industrial shake-out can be sure that EI will be there for them, right? Wrong. Fewer than 45 per cent of Canada's 1.1-million unemployed (a number that will probably balloon this year) qualify for EI benefits.

Funny, it seems to me Stanford was okay with the CAW's endorsment of the very man who gutted and stole from that fund in the last election.

But we can all wish away in this new year.

Myself, I am hoping for Sam Gindin to come out of retirement.