How about an election forum?

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How about an election forum?


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Just wondering if it's time to create a forum for this election. Isn't this past practice ... or am I dreaming?



You're dreaming......

It's August 3, 2001, you're still the editor...You are about to wake up in the middle of a staff meeting, after having been asked a pointed question by Judy about the Stockwell Day resignation contest, and not remember what's going on.

You will however have one hell of a dream to tell people about.


Hee. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

Yes, that was our practice, to make a special forum for the election when we've had one...but that was back when we used to have the polling wonks create a new thread for each poll that comes out, etc.

I think we can probably stick with the Canadian Politics forum for election threads (especially since I've directed everyone to it on rabble's election blog).

That said...I was just coming to rabble reactions to ask people to please post any election topics in the Canadian Politics forum instead of the National News forum, etc. Yes, I know that election news is national news, but I would like to keep it all in the same place so people know where they're going to find election threads.

(It also makes it easier for me to do my daily thread round ups for the blog.)