How to disagree without personally attacking other babblers

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If you are a sociopath, you have no concern for how the other person might feel from what you say. You have no way of considering the consequences of it, and most importantly no desire to. Very advanced studies have shown that the electrochemical impulses in brains of sociopaths are very different from those who are not sociopathic. To this date, there is no cure for sociopathy. It has however been found that there is a nature + nurture aspect to it. If a person with a sociopathic electrochemical brain pattern grows up in a loving household, they do not act in sociopathic ways, even though they are diagnosable as a sociopath. If however the person has grown up in an abusive household with lots of yelling and screaming and worse, they will become fully sociopathic in their behaviour.

If you are a sociopath and your own cat is killed, it is a catastrophe of epic proportions. But if someone else's cat is killed, it is of no concern at all. It is not your cat. What is good for the sociopath is not good for anyone else. The sociopath must control their victims, and because of the poisoned state of society in general (caused mainly by sociopaths who have no concern for other people and social responsibility in general) there are plenty of victims out there, who are unconsciously seeking a sociopath.

If you personally attack someone without consideration of how the other person will feel from your attack, you might be a sociopath.

No amount of cajoling or policy or whatever will change the behaviour of a sociopath. A person who personally attacks other people, labels them, and calls them names shows no empathy, and is hence a sociopath. They are incorrigible and irredeemable.

Sociopaths and psychopaths make any collective situation extremely difficult. Their victims are somehow drawn to them like moths to a flame, because they remind them of a family member or someone else, and maybe this one won't be so bad. The emotional profile of the victim is thrown off-balance, and stress levels rise considerably in the victim, sometimes causing them to lose sleep and other effects. Sociopaths present very well at the beginning. That is what they do, to draw the victim in.

The only solution to sociopathy is to exile that person from the collective. If you detect this kind of behaviour and there is no way the sociopath will leave, or there is no desire in the responsible parties in the collective to exile the sociopath, you should leave yourself. If you wish to stay, you should be informed that presence of such a person will raise your stress levels somewhat.

If you consider yourself to be very tough, hang around and see how much that is true :D

If you have taken a break from this site and you have intellectualized another reason (which may be completely valid) why you did, you might also consider this.

If you come back to the collective, and the same people are there, you may find yourself going through the same emotional ranges, and want to leave again.

If you are a sociopath, you will never admit it. You must be exiled by force. A tell-tale sign of a sociopath is someone who is able to behave in an extremely bad manner toward someone else, and then a second later act like nothing ever happened, while the victim is still trembling in fear.

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If you are a sociopath, you will never admit it.

Also, if I'm not one.

Anyway, suggesting that other babblers are sociopaths (because they were mean to you) isn't any less gross than suggesting they're schizophrenic (because they refuse to "see reality").

As the drug commercials say, "Ask your doctor if discussing politics with people who might have other opinions is right for you."