A Jounalist Who Should Be on Rabble

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A Jounalist Who Should Be on Rabble



I have several blogs, all somewhat negligently added to, but one in which I republish regularly the writngs of Paul Beingessner, a columnist, whose articles appear in many prairie newspapers and rural journals. His articles are thoughtful and as a farmer himself insightful and informative. I consider him the best journalist, possibly in North America, of the issues confronting the prairie farmer.

My Blog "The View from Out Here" was conceived to give a prairie view of the issues which
tend to have only an urban response in the media. And I did intend to have more varied authors or my own commentary, but age has taken it's toll on me and Bessingesner so covers most of my views, that my interjections will be infrequent.


Of course Paul Beingessner could have numerous reasons for not desiring to appear in Rabble.


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Thanks Downtime. I did a quick skim through and will definitely be coming back to it as time allows. Thanks for bringing him to my attention.


Thank-You ElizaQ.

Any of the contendng parties for the prairie farm vote except the Conservatives could structure an agricultural policy based on his articles.

Paul's article on wind-turbines should be especially interesting to the Hacks who run the NDP campaign. The Greens are succeptable to actual policies which take into account the welfare of working canadians. They have more and more in Canada tended towards a corporate agenda the last decade. There is a world-wide struggle between the left and right of ecology, and the Green right-wing plans take a business approach to the recipients of their ecological largesse.

This ideological struggle has been going on for years going back to the German Greens. The Australan Labour-Greens as well as the Saskatchewan Left-Greens are reflections of this ideological struggle. The position of the US-based
relatively conservative Sierra Club in supporting the NDP in the last election is not accidental.

Elane May's history as a salaried NGO is linked to many high-powered international financial figures of questonable intent and is documented in
canadian journalist Elaine Dewar's excellent book
"Cloak of Green", which decloaks many of the supposedly unself-interested green activists.

Elaine May took over the Greens with her high profile from the bumbling previous Green leader, a former conservative sales-motivator. The question is not how she did it but how the Greens could have settled on her predecessor. A comment on the make-up of a party who could have elected him as leader. Most of the progressive forces in the greens left when he took control. What does that speak of the structure that Elaine May presently represents ? Hopefully she will split off some segments of the Harper Conservatives.


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