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Site upgrade news

Hello babblers, is going through some major changes in the next few weeks. We're doing a much-needed upgrade on the core software of our site and in the process making quite a few changes. On Friday, February 17 we will have some downtime in the evening as the new system comes online. When it comes back up, the foundations of our new site will be in place.

In the coming weeks there will be a number of issues you might experience with the site as we try to get it running smoothly and implement new developments. While our limited tech staff will be on overtime to get it working, you can expect some features to either not work or be missing entirely. But you can also expect to see some new features that will improve your experience.

Please use the feedback “+” in the bottom right of the screen to let us know about any issues you find, and help us solve them faster.

While not generally advisable to release a beta site with known issues, we are working with a limited budget and an enormous site (15 years of content) -- and need to move forward with it. We hope you bear with us during this period of growth as we pull it together.

The team


Good luck, team! And it just occurred to me that "bear with us" is a great metaphor for ushering in something new.


The site browser is outrageously ridiculous and ineffective in finding just about anything. I hope the improvements will incude this.


From a moderating point of view, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.  I am truely befuddled.


ETA:  It took me a few minutes to even figure out how to post that.