City o Vancouver Sex Work Guidelines...YAY!!!

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susan davis
City o Vancouver Sex Work Guidelines...YAY!!!

it seems that the city has fllowed through and come out in favor of sex workers rights!!


from the sex work social planners;

Dear all,

We are very pleased to announce the release of the City of Vancouver Sex Work Response Guidelines.  

The guidelines, developed in collaboration with Living in Community and the City of Vancouver (CoV) Sex Work and Sexual Exploitation Reference Group, promote a balanced and coordinated approach across CoV departments when responding to issues relating to sex work. Grounded in a human rights-based approach, the goal is to ensure that all individuals engaged in sex work receive nondiscriminatory, respectful, and consistent treatment when they are accessing CoV services or interacting with CoV employees.  

The guidelines build upon the work of  the CoV Task Force on Sex Work and Sexual Exploitation and the recommendations from the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry. This effort, paired with the implementation of related staff training, is part of our ongoing commitment to develop inclusive policies and best practices to increase the health and safety of sex workers, and communities impacted by sex work.  

Link to introduction to guidelines and related progress:


Direct link to guidelines:


Please disseminate the guidelines to all your relevant networks and partners.

Apologies for any cross-posting, we want to ensure all our community partners are informed


Issues Pages: 

Good to hear.


 Good, hope the rest of the country follows suit.