Meghan Murphy - Sex workers understand why

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susan davis
Meghan Murphy - Sex workers understand why

This article from Tits and Sass sums up how sex workers and others who have felt the effects of murphy's writing as well as of those who are of the same belief system.

i have certianly experienced it, here on babble as well. i think that there is a serious problem with the way 'feminism' is playing out on some pretty core issues. the hateful ways in which gender critical feminists try to exclude some women, is disturbing. this article clearly states why i believe it is bad for everyone when hate goes unchecked.

i myself did a little dance when i heard the news. it was as if someone was finally getting the picture, that we could maybe begin to be heard. that maybe some of the rhetoric, misinformation and hate...would subside, be recognized, called out.....

i just posted an excerpt, follow the link for full article;

According to gender critical feminists, trans women are not “real” because of secondary sex characteristics,while sex workers are likewise “unreal” because we complicate the notion that sex and reproduction are patriarchal tools for controlling women. Certainly, the fact that we live under a heteropatriarchy is undeniable. And of course the sex industry, like all industries under heteropatriarchy, operates in specific ways on account of existing under oppressive social systems. But gender critical feminists argue that sex industry workers perpetuates these oppressive social systems, which is akin to blaming low-wage laborers for capitalism. Moreover, this purposeful scapegoating of the sex industry makes sex workers the barometer by which “respectable” feminists measure their own “purity”: real women don’t hurt other women, gender critical feminists imply. Real women, real feminists, should starve to death before giving a commodified blowjob. For the cause!



Very well written

susan davis

it's hard to be called liars and to have our struggle classified as the "pimp lobby" or to be labled as an activist to be representing exploiters/ men. through the years as people like meghan have labled me as such and worse ( unregulated ejaculation responses profiteer comes to mind) and have implied over and over that i represent the men "controling" the sex workers, i have wonndered if for one second they ever considered what impact that might have on my safety....

when trying to bring my truth and the truth of those i represent to the public discourse, i have been attacked over and over as a result of it. when i speak publically (which i don't anymore - it doesn't feel safe) the angry "feminists" - men and women -  in the audience yell at us, film us, adavnicng towards is threatening...and it is because of meghan's kind of rhetoric...of that i am sure.

sex workers do not simply "want to fight"....that is unfair to say...

i personally have tried over and over to point out the common ground we all share and have tried to engage in dialogue with those who continue to exclude us and deny our truth....

i am grateful that twitter has recognized the hateful nature of the direction of radfeminism...why can't people LISTEN!!!

using a trans woman's "deadname" and calling her "he" hateful. hailey heartless is not  predator. she was meghan's most recent victim...and there have been many.

so go ahead and worship the martyr murphy...just understand what that means. it means that you accept the violence and hate she herself has perpetuated and endorse it.

i am always so disappointed when things turn ugly but sadly, i am getting used to it