Sex Worker huge problem in Saudi Arabia and many Islamic nations

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Sex Worker huge problem in Saudi Arabia and many Islamic nations

i have seen this first hand


such scenarios seem to occur due to people from poor nations being lured in and tricked as well as a culture of

treating women as objects.


I think the western activists need to help awareness in these cases



susan davis

cases like these thankfully are uncommon in canada.what a horrible story. no one should be forced to preform sexual acts regardless of pay or no pay.

in my opinion, awareness and supports are key here. we must provide adequate supports for people in abusve/exploitative situations and make sure resources are easy to connectwith.through awareness campaigns, education of all people and information geared towards victims that can be easily and discreetly aquired by victims.

by that i mean, in doctors offices, grocery stores, bar bathrooms....

the woman who was victimized in this story states she did not know how to leave or where to go.sometimes the usual places a person may expect a person to be able to access information- internet( not all people have access),police(victims are sometimes too ashamed to call)doctors office(as was seen in the story of the youg woman kidnapped and held in the US for 18 years-not all abuse victims are allowed access to doctors) are sometimes not actually helpful to victims of these crimes. they must be discreet when accessing information as they may be under surveillance or watched at all times. being found with information related to escape could lead to punishment.

we must learn from these tragedies and fill the gaps that allowed them to occur.


Yes, Mahmoud, only Muslims/Arabs to that to women.

You seem to specialize in picking from around the world stories that paint Muslims and Arabs as barbarians, uncivilized hordes that need to be annihilated. Have you taken courses from Tarek Fatah? 


susan davis wrote:
cases like these thankfully are uncommon in canada.what a horrible story. 

There must be a part 2 to this story.  They probably haven't gotten around yet to interviewing the mail order brides, imported eastern European dancers and indentured domestic 'housekeepers' in North America.

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Ok then.

Here's our friend mahmoud again. With yet another topic that some can argue skirts the line of being a legitimate topic to discuss on a progressive discussion board. Which I would argue is mainstream racist Islamophobic crap.

Tomato, tomahto? WhatEVER.

If Saudi Arabia has

mahmoud wrote:
a culture of treating women as objects.
then so does Canada and the US.

All violence against women is wrong. And raping women under the guise of employment and migration, sure isn't limited to Saudi Arabia.

It's this emphasis on "the other", without a critical analysis of why CNN (FFS!) is highlighting such a story that sticks in my feminist anti-racist craw. CNN of course takes on issues of violence against women all the time right? VAW is soooo important to CNN.

This, to me, brings our friend mahmoud's position into question.

So, I will do two things. First, I will give him a chance to ground his understanding of this story and his analysis in a progressive context.

The second thing I will do is move the thread since it absolutely doesn't belong in the sex worker rights forum. Women being raped, regardless of money exchanged between men, isn't sex work.

Moving to International News.



We're not exactly so hot on the "not treating women as objects" thing ourselves. Trafficking in women for prostitution is a problem in the western world as well.