Brought to you by a BC NDP government near you

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Brought to you by a BC NDP government near you



Not in any particular order but I thought it might be worthwhile to list all the constructive things the BC NDP has done for BCers when they have been in power in BC.


For example - the Island Highway.



For example - the Agriculatural Land Reserve (ALR)




For example - the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC)


For example - Translink

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So 30 years ago the NDP put in some real socialist programs and during the 90's they built roads and Sky Train.  Seems they stay in the wilderness for at least a decade and a half or so no matter whether they put in good programs or just build infrastructure so lets go for the real deal and demand programs not just more Socred style infrastructure politics. 

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For example - ignored the fact that BC is mostly untreatied, stolen land thus ensuring that the resource raping economy can continue and short-term growth is accomplished.

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Didn't the last NDP government join the treaty process, where previously the provincial position was that negotiations were Ottawa's responsibility?

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You mean the treaty process that leads to eliminating Aboriginal Title and Fee Simple land? The one that leads to communities owing millions and millions of dollars to the government for fees associated with "negotiating" the treaty?

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Yes.  I am not claiming that it is all it should be, but it was a major step for the province to agree that it had responsibility.

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As a former Communications Officer and Constituency Assistant in BC during the 90s, I remember many of the lines I wrote so many times, over and over.  Accomplishments included:

The Forest Practices Code

Forest Renewal BC

Doubling amount of park space from 6 to 12% of the province

CORE Land Use plan

Frozen tuition for numerous years in the 90s (can't remember how many years in a row - five, six?)

West Coast Express communter rail

Expansion of Skytrain (started by Clark, finished during Liberal government)

HOV lanes on the Trans Canada

First provincial government to grant employment benefits to same-sex couples