The Criminilization of Sexuality

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Cue: It takes some gumption to share something like that with people you've never met. Good on you.

That last remark (that you were friends for years, that you're still in touch) suggests that you didn't make a wrong choice.

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Originally posted by Timebandit:
[b]There is an inherent imbalance of power.[/b]

Why do you say that? Does age difference automatically (or "inherently") translate into one person having "power" over another?

And if so, is it true in [b]all[/b] cases? Because the criminal law applies to all without distinction.

I think you're talking nonsense.

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And I you. So we're even.


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Ooh, good one.


For people with certain disabilities, the usual assumptions about age and relative power can be inaccurate. There are other reasons, too, why this can be.

Dana Larsen


I don't see how that matters. Why would a gay 21-year-old get a pass for getting involved with a 14-year-old?

Actually, the age limit for sodomy is 18 years old. This remains unchanged under the new law.

Many groups have complained that the age limit for vaginal and anal sex should be the same.

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Guess I screwed up there too.