Danish police arrest 400 young demonstrators

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Danish police arrest 400 young demonstrators



This struggle has been going on in various forms for 25 years:

[url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7032163.stm]Danish clash sparks mass arrest[/url]


Police in Denmark have arrested more than 400 people in clashes in the capital, Copenhagen.

They used teargas against thousands of young demonstrators protesting against the closure of a youth centre (Ungdomshuset) earlier in the year.

The protesters had tried unsuccessfully to occupy a different building. [...]

Left-wing activists had occupied the youth centre, in Copenhagen's Noerrebro district, [b]since 1982[/b].

But the building was sold by the city in 2000 to a Christian group.

Squatters were evicted in March 2007, which led to violent street clashes and hundreds of arrests.

The youth centre was later demolished.