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Is Big Oil a big job creator? | Oct 29 2014 | Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood | By manipulating the numbers, the oil industry is trying to put a positive spin on a non-story. If there's a benefit to the Canadian economy from the oil sands, you won't find it in the job market.
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Sodom: Review of a Russian Anti-Gay Documentary | Oct 29 2014 | Mercedes Allen | Peter LaBarbera returns to Canada, and his copy of Sodom, the Russian anti-LGBT documentary, is seized. I review it, and yes, it is triggery.
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Do police and spies need more power? | Oct 29 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | In the wake of last week's events, the Conservatives are planning to bring in legislation giving the police and the spy agency more power to combat terrorism. Does the actual threat justify that plan?
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Fifth woman comes forward with allegations against Jian Ghomeshi | Oct 29 2014 | Meghan Murphy | As it Happens spoke with a woman on the CBC today about her experience with Ghomeshi, who she claims punched her repeatedly in the head.
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Tell Ontario to ban medical tourism | Oct 29 2014 | Michael Butler | This morning, numerous health organizations across Ontario called on the provincial government to ban medical tourism
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Good first steps, but further poverty reduction efforts needed in Manitoba | Oct 29 2014 | Kirsten Bernas | There is some good news in the Province's recently released second annual All Aboard report, which tracks poverty and social exclusion in Manitoba. However, it's clear that much more needs to be done.
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Canada stands to lose plenty in European free trade deal | Oct 28 2014 | Gerry Caplan | Thank heavens Germany finally blew the whistle on this CETA scam, says Gerry Caplan.
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Corroded media conglomerates should not dictate democratic policies | Oct 28 2014 | Elisha Allensen | So, unions aren't allowed to endorse candidates in elections, but media outlets are? That doesn't seem fair.
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TPP: Near the finish line or still stuck in the pit? | Oct 28 2014 | Scott Harris | The longer talks on the TPP stretch on, the more pressure there is to show some progress and to ultimately seal the deal. The question remains what countries like Canada will be willing to sacrifice.
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Jian Ghomeshi's public relations disaster | Oct 28 2014 | John Miller | He's a brilliant interviewer, but his judgment in real life has been his undoing
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Journalism and the Ottawa shooting: We need to remain calm and Canadian | Oct 28 2014 | Stephen Kimber | In the wake of the events in Ottawa, we can't give in to the everything-is-changed-forever-and-we-must-change-everything-forever hysteria. We need to remain calm and Canadian.
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More bad news for bees: The new 'F' word | Oct 28 2014 | David Suzuki | Federal regulators want to approve a new pesticide, flupyradifurone. That would be bad for bees and people. We need to stop contaminating the environment with neonics and other systemic pesticides.
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What is the 'right amount' for local governments to spend? | Oct 27 2014 | Keith Reynolds | The issue is about more than tax dollars, it is about the services those tax dollars provide. And lower taxes don't always mean either better government or happier citizens.
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Voting in Toronto's Mayoral Elections means I might just Eat my Ballot | Oct 27 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Nom Nom Gag Nom
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Senior citizens: Take action on climate change now! | Oct 27 2014 | Anthony Ketchum, Peter Jones | What do you want your legacy to be? If senior citizens collectively told our elected representatives to take action on climate change that would be the world's greatest legacy.
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A very Canadian response to political violence | Oct 27 2014 | Geoffrey Stevens | We don't like politicians who play partisan politics with security issues. We try to keep a sense of perspective.
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Rabkor editorial: Economic sanctions have Russia seeking compromise with West over Ukraine | Oct 27 2014 | Vasily Koltashov and Boris Kagarlitsky | Russia's liberals are scrambling to reach accomodation with NATO and the West, at nearly any price, including Russian sovereignty.
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What Graham Steele failed to learn about politics | Oct 26 2014 | Christopher Majka | Politics as usual are not working in Nova Scotia. We face acute economic, demographic and environmental problems. But solutions must be based in progressive values, not in accelerating neoliberalism.
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RCMP has Zehaf-Bibeau video; still wants to know more about the rifle | Oct 26 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The RCMP claim they have a video made by the Ottawa shooter, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, which shows he had "political and ideological" motives.
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A B.C. framework for LNG, part 2: The LNG income tax | Oct 24 2014 | Marc Lee | Well, we saw this coming but it's still sobering to see it in black and white. The B.C. government's decision to cut its proposed LNG Income Tax in half is simply a cave-in to industry.