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Orange the world to end gendered violence | Nov 25 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | Today is the official launch of the United Nation's Orange the World Campaign! People around the world are encouraged to orange their world in a show of support to end gendered violence.
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10 things to know about the challenges of ending homelessness in Canada | Nov 25 2015 | Nick Falvo | In 2008, Calgary became the first Canadian municipality to publicly commit to "ending homelessness." Read on for more points about ending homelessness in Canada.
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UN climate summit may be used to greenwash Canada's tar sands | Nov 25 2015 | Brent Patterson | Is it possible that the COP 21 climate summit could be used as a moment to promote the tar sands and export pipelines?
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After Paris, a Canadian in Flanders hopes for another 'Christmas Truce' | Nov 25 2015 | Craig Gibson | A personal essay of a Canadian touring the battlegrounds of the Great War while Paris, and the world, recovers from terror.
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Strengthening the heart of Ontario universities with good academic jobs | Nov 25 2015 | Brynne Sinclair-Waters, Graeme Stewart | Ontario needs to invest in our universities to boost the number of professors and academic librarians, and to ensure that every academic job is a good job.
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Hello Canada? This is London calling! … and we're mildly confused | Nov 25 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | We're going to talk this morning to a nutty blogger in Western Canada! What could possibly go wrong?
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Trudeau's government to grab right end of the food stick | Nov 25 2015 | Wayne Roberts | Trudeau's public mandate letter to Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay is arguably one of the most tantalizing declarations about food policy anywhere in the world.
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Right-wing extremists in Ukraine blow up electricity lines to Crimea, government blockades road cargo | Nov 25 2015 | Roger Annis | Extemists in Ukraine mounted a food transport blockade against Crimea on Sept 20 and now have bombed electricity lines. The Ukraine gov't gives quiet backing. Does Canada's new gov't notic or caring?
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Manitoba's shrinking economic inequality: Who's keeping score? | Nov 25 2015 | Lynne Fernandez | Could the Manitoba government do more? Absolutely. Is there room for criticism? No doubt. But let's play fair.
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Want to get serious about climate change? Here's a 12-point plan for Canada's new federal government | Nov 25 2015 | Marc Lee | With the Paris climate conference only days away, a Canadian climate action strategy is now urgent and overdue.
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A renewed commitment to end violence against women | Nov 25 2015 | Rachel Warden | Today women in Canada and the Global South are calling for an end to the daily violence against women everywhere, in all its forms.
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Calling out a case of racial injustice at Shoppers Drug Mart | Nov 24 2015 | Stephen Kimber | There are still many unanswered questions about what Shandell McNamara calls "the most humiliating experience of my life."
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Even though so few have read it, the TPP may already be in the books | Nov 24 2015 | Gerry Caplan | Opinion on the TPP is seriously split between the corporate and progressive worlds. What in the world are thoughtful Canadians to believe? What should Canada do?
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Canada's oceans matter, at the Paris climate talks and beyond | Nov 24 2015 | David Suzuki | It's refreshing to see constructive recommendations for ocean issues, and to see the federal government respond positively. Let's hope we've entered a new era in caring for the health of our oceans.
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Sudden death of young PC star Manmeet Bhullar in road accident stuns Alberta legislature | Nov 24 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | If the May 5 Alberta general election was a catastrophe for the Tories, Manmeet Bhullar emerged as one of its few bright lights afterward.
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National Housing Day: A profile of Winnipeg's WestEnd Commons | Nov 24 2015 | Jess Klassen | In recent history, housing in Canada hasn't been a hopeful topic. Despite these odds, Winnipeg can boast a hopeful housing story in the case of WestEnd Commons.
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Leaders should set targets for both gender and emissions at Paris climate talks | Nov 24 2015 | Danny Glenwright | When disaster strikes (and it increasingly does, thanks to climate change) women and children are 14 times more likely to die.
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Decent work is getting harder to find in the non-profit sector | Nov 24 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | Precarious employment has become standard practice in the not for profit sector and is not only adversely affecting the lives of workers.
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Friday the 13th | Nov 23 2015 | Ehab Lotayef | You need not give the order to be guilty, all you need do is... Hate
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Don't be fooled: Mike Hudema's support for Rachel Notley contradicted by other Greenpeace sentiments | Nov 23 2015 | Brad Hornick | When it comes to climate action, there is still a deep split between the mainstream and grassroots environmental movement.