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'Bernard the Roughneck' campaign has been in preparation for months, may soon target Rachel Notley | Sep 27 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Will the "Bernard the Roughneck" campaign continue now that "Bernard" himself has proved to be both more and less than original advertised? Oh, probably …
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Household debt is far too high -- and why it's going to go higher still | Sep 27 2016 | David Macdonald | When the National Balance Sheet came out this month, the focus was on the need for households to pay down that debt... somehow. But we need to look at the broader debt picture across all sectors.
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Bernard the Roughneck in his own words: Neal Bernard Hancock responds to his critics | Sep 25 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | The appearance on Parliament Hill of "Bernard the Roughneck" caused a storm on social media. Is he "just an average roughneck?" You be the judge.
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Rachel Notley does remarkably well in face of unrelenting campaign of vilification. Sun newspapers? Not so much. | Sep 23 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | A new survey suggests Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, a remarkable and talented politician, is capable of making the best of even the worst of times.'s picture
Over 42,000 Canadian voices against data caps are now on the public record at the CRTC | Sep 22 2016 | Katy Anderson | With support from over 42,000 Canadians, we've just delivered a 43-page submission against data caps to the CRTC.
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Wild Pacific salmon face an upstream battle for survival | Sep 21 2016 | David Suzuki | A weak provincial climate plan that fails to meet emissions targets and acceptance of new ocean-based fish farm applications won't help wild salmon.
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'Yes, logging introduces mercury!' New revelations from Grassy Narrows | Sep 21 2016 | Mark Calzavara | Stunning revelations came to light last week that top environment officials in the Ontario government knew that clearcut logging in Grassy Narrows territory would increase mercury levels in fish.
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Tiering up over tuition fees | Sep 21 2016 | Erika Shaker | Governments need to ask themselves: is downloading more debt onto students -- particularly during a time of workforce precarity -- a sustainable policy to pursue?'s picture
CRTC decision paves way for affordable fibre Internet choice, but could have gone further | Sep 21 2016 | Katy Anderson | Customers can now look forward to accessing high-speed fibre Internet from affordable indie providers, but some choices by the CRTC will limit the range of competitive options available to Canadians.
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We don't need an inquiry -- we need to bring the hammer of defunding down now on scofflaw private schools | Sep 21 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | When the inquiry fails, can we just get on with defunding those schools, please?
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Pressing the reset button: A progressive vision for Ontario | Sep 21 2016 | Trish Hennessy | What should "pressing the reset button" look like for a government that is mid-term, purporting to be "activist" in its approach and less than two years away from a general election?
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Skepticism, not pacifism, is NDP's best approach to foreign war | Sep 21 2016 | Gerry Caplan | You can believe in non-violent resistance to injustice without being a pacifist. And sometimes, force can only be met with force.
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Strategist Stephen Carter's reputation instantly boosts Sandra Jansen's still-unannounced PC leadership bid | Sep 20 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Alberta political strategist Stephen Carter noted his intention to support potential candidate Sandra Jansen with this zinger: "I want to kick the shit out of Jason Kenney."
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Winnipeg should consider benefits of in-house waste collection | Sep 20 2016 | Lynne Fernandez | This fall Winnipeg City Council will determine the future of waste collection. While garbage is generally not a "sexy" topic, there are many reasons why the public should be paying attention.
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Brian Day's medicare challenge: He's no freedom fighter | Sep 20 2016 | Dennis Gruending | Vancouver orthopaedic surgeon Brian Day can't convince politicians to undercut medicare, so he is going to court instead.
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Ten things to know about Canada's national housing strategy consultations | Sep 20 2016 | Nick Falvo | Canada's federal government has begun national consultations on the development of a "national housing strategy." The government is expected to release a report Nov. 22, which is National Housing Day.
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Media scolding about 'political correctness' is baloney; hats off to MRU student who spoke out against Trump cap | Sep 19 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Anyone surprised by the viciousness with which North American rightists respond to anything they don't like, particularly when their target is a woman, hasn't been paying attention.
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Alberta government names five new members to Athabasca University Board of Governors | Sep 17 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | New appointments may signal beginning of overhaul for the financially troubled institution.
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Donald Trump's Katrina moment | Sep 17 2016 | Penney Kome | The media started pushing back against Trump this week when he used a campaign news conference to promote a new hotel.
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What's in a name? | Sep 17 2016 | Doreen Nicoll | It's 2016. So why are women still expected to change their surnames when they marry?