Blog - Raluca Bejan February 27
Gillette packaging. Photo: Terry Donaghe/Flickr
Raluca Bejan | Corporations have always found ways to capitalize on the political climate. Now we're seeing Gillette and Canada Goose commodifying social justice to find new markets.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 26
Miranda Rosin, the UCP Candidate in Banff-Kannaniskis. (Photo: Screenshot of UCP video).
David J. Climenhaga | "We need to look at a two-tiered system, so that we can get those who have worked hard for their money to get out of the system if they would like to," says UCP candidate Miranda Rosin.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog February 25
Image: U.S. Department of State/Flickr
Sujata Dey | As ratification processes clash, the Canadian government should not rubber-stamp this deal or accelerate it through Parliament. It should take the opportunity to push for progressive changes.
Blog - Cathy Crowe's blog February 25
Crowded conditions in a Toronto respite centre that shelters 200 people.
Cathy Crowe | A UN report defends access to legal advocacy in the right to housing. Meanwhile, Toronto denied its homelessness crisis emergency status, choosing instead to spare no cost to fix potholes.
Blog - Policyfix February 25
Hannah Muhajarine | The idea of a Green New Deal is championed by grassroots movements on both sides of the Canada/U.S. border. Much of the policy framework has already been outlined. All we need is political will.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 25
Tar sands in Alberta. Image: Extinction Rebellion Canada/Facebook
Brent Patterson | The Extinction Rebellion movement was launched 18 weeks ago, and now counts over 200 outposts around the world. As chapters gear up for a global week of direct action, how is the movement faring?
Blog - The Views Expressed February 25
Image: PowerShift Canada/Facebook
Raagini Appadurai | "Today, I am reminded that 'if you still got breath, it's your time.' And we're coming." Reflections on the youth climate justice movement from a PowerShift convergence participant.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 25
New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh on a recent visit to Edmonton. Photo: David J. Climenhaga.
David J. Climenhaga | Count on it, the stars in the NDP firmament are moving into alignment for someone. But even if he wins tonight, it may not be Singh.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 25
Image: gnbca/Flickr
Brent Patterson | March 18 is the deadline to comment on Bird Brook and Napadogan Brook becoming "tailings impoundment areas" for mine waste from the proposed Northcliff Resources Ltd Sisson mine.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 24
Brent Patterson | The Trudeau government has yet to deliver on its January 2018 announcement to establish a Canadian Ombudsperson for the Responsible Enterprise, but news could be coming soon.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 23
David J. Climenhaga | Common sense suggests the NEB recommendation on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion is a small but significant step toward its completion. Don't expect any agreement on that.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 23
Brent Patterson | Samir Flores Soberanes opposed a gas pipeline and thermoelectric plant that could contaminate the water on his territory. Now he is dead.
Blog - Council of Canadians' blog February 22
Bronwen Tucker | The National Energy Board has approved the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. Sign here to remind Justin Trudeau we won't let him build this pipeline.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 22
Restaurant interior. Photo: Jonas de Carvalho/Wikimedia Commons
David J. Climenhaga | Notwithstanding some higher costs, based on the facts it seems likely times for Alberta restaurateurs have never been better.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 22
A typical red brick rural hospital in Alberta, this one in the town of Black Diamond (Photo: Royalbroil/Wikimedia Commons).
David J. Climenhaga | Health-care management at Alberta Health Services is extremely lean by Canadian standards. If you cut it, as UCP Leader Jason Kenney proposes, front-line care will get worse.
Blog - Independent Jewish Voices Canada February 22
Sydney Nestel at a protest of the UJA-Toronto Walk with Israel, May 27, 2018. Photo: Raghd Hamzeh.
Sheryl Nestel | A critique of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's uncritical support of Israeli policies -- a stance at odds with that of many Canadians, including Jewish-Canadians.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 21
Photo: Andrew Scheer/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Andrew Scheer's tweeted observation about Louis Riel, while unique, was paradoxically not unusual.
Blog - Pulpit and Politics February 21
Paul Dewar in 2019. Photo: Phillip Jeffrey/Flickr
Dennis Gruending | Former Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar, who died of cancer in February 2019, was known to say that all religious faith is political.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 21
UCP Leader Jason Kenney, assiduously signing stuff (Photo: Twitter).
David J. Climenhaga | If Alberta elects a UCP government, we'll likely have to learn that lesson of what's wrong with private health-care delivery all over again, and every day will be Groundhog Day.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 21
Brent Patterson | The development of a Binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights will be discussed by the United Nations in October.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 20
Photo: Rachel Docherty/Flickr
Ed Finn | Corporate barbarism has intensified on a colossal scale, to the point of endangering the very sustainability of human life on the planet. The scourges of poverty and inequality run even more rampant.
Blog - David Suzuki February 20
Image: Phil Fiddyment/Flickr
David Suzuki | When the bottom of the food chain is endangered, so too is everything up the chain -- including people. Insect declines threaten birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and plants.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 19
Centre Block, Parliament Hill. Photo: Thomas Dimson/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | As was said of the Watergate scandal, the cover-up is usually worse than the crime. Expect revelations soon.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 18
Shahroze Khan | If Canada is going to be a progressive leader at the international level, we need stronger and bolder leadership on Palestine. Canada needs an Ilhan Omar -- a prominent progressive voice on Palestine.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 18
Jason Kenney in 2013. Photo: michael_swan/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Encouraging "free votes" may seem odd for a leader who quick-marched his MLAs out of the legislature every time there was a vote on protest-free bubble zones around abortion clinics. But maybe not.
Blog - Pulpit and Politics February 18
Andrew Scheer at truck convoy in Alberta on December 19, 2018. Photo: Andrew Scheer/Flickr
Dennis Gruending | Those in the United We Roll truck convoy want pipelines now and hate a carbon tax. Here are some questions for them.
Blog - The Journalism Doctor February 18
John Miller | Journalist Jill Abramson is under fire for her new book, and with good reason.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 17
David J. Climenhaga | It's not too late for Premier Rachel Notley's NDP Government to promise an August statutory holiday in the Throne Speech scheduled to be read on March 18.
Blog - Brent Patterson February 15
Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | Last year Peace Brigades International-Canada hosted two human rights defenders opposed to Vancouver-based Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 15
Prescription bottles. Photo: Airman Valerie Monroy/U.S. Air Force/Wikimedia Commons
Ed Finn | If Canadian voters vociferously demand that all the contending candidates and parties make pharmacare an unbreakable priority in the 2019 federal election, it may really become a reality next year.