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Brad Hornick's blog

Brad Hornick is a perpetual student now doing a Ph.D. studying the relationship of climate science to political activism. He is a socialist and Quaker, presently active with peoplesclimateconvergence.org, parisclimatejustice.org and systemchangenotclimatechange.org. He has worked for many environmental non-governmental organizations in various communications roles and has a special interest in graphic design. He has lived and travelled through much of Latin America. His particular interest in this blog is to mobilize the grand traditions of Western radical political theory in the service of understanding present environmental politics, particularly in the British Columbia context.

Blog - Brad Hornick's blog July 27
System Change, Not Climate Change sign. Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr
Brad Hornick | For ecosocialists, ecological alternatives are not possible within the framework of capitalism, so socialist demands must be articulated alongside transitional concrete ecological demands and reforms.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog November 29
1000s strong Kinder Morgan Rally - Saturday 19th in Vancouver from False Creek -
Brad Hornick | The results of the election and Trudeau's approval of Kinder Morgan decision confirms that the "lesser evil" is still evil.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog October 5
Brad Hornick | Trudeau vs. Harper -- don't get fooled again, carbon pricing not enough to tackle climate change.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog December 2
Brad Hornick | A practical guide to recognize Fossil Fuel Addiction and how the climate justice movement can effectively intervene to assist in the addict's recovery.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog November 26
Brad Hornick | While many are aware of a large climate demonstration gaining steam in Ottawa, planned this Sunday, a large crowd is also expected in Vancouver after considerable groundwork by local organizations.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog November 23
Brad Hornick | When it comes to climate action, there is still a deep split between the mainstream and grassroots environmental movement.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog November 11
Image: Flickr/mycieau
Brad Hornick | After 20 years of meetings and failed attempts to limit carbon emissions, does the context of deepening climate crisis matter to the interests at the table in Paris? Can Trudeau make a difference?
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog April 21
Brad Hornick | Chris Hedges, Moby Dick and the State of Extraction
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog April 14
Brad Hornick | A reading of Naomi Klein's book from the viewpoint of an actual Blockadia struggle in Burnaby/Vancouver.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog November 8
Brad Hornick | Simon Fraser University's President Andrew Petter just delivered a response to 300 faculty and staff requesting the university support defendents against Kinder Morgan.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog November 5
Brad Hornick | Legal proceedings start Wednesday for five people who have been served an injunction and a $5.6-million lawsuit by Kinder Morgan.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog September 17
Brad Hornick | On September 27, Rising Tide Coast Salish Territories hosts a carnivalesque street party, an unusual move for an anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist and direct action-oriented activist group.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog August 11
Brad Hornick | The Unist'ot'en camp in B.C. stands in the way of seven proposed pipelines -- bitument from tar sands, fracked gas from Peace River. This is the story of a "settler's" experience in the camp.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog August 7
Brad Hornick | Mark Jaccard is let down by Harper's failure to respect Kyoto promises. But Jaccard's market-based policy-orientation neglects an analysis of Canadian political economy that explains Harper's actions.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog July 10
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Brad Hornick | First Nations constitute the most vocal and militant opposition to the Canadian state and arguably, Canadian capitalism. Is it legitimate to call this class struggle?
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog July 3
Brad Hornick | Sam Gindin explores the lost potential of the workers in socialist politics. Quick to identify its shortcomings, he overlooks the promising incipient mobilization of the working-class is well underway
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog June 24
System Change Not Climate Change's Peter Rugh in Zuccotti Park at Earth Day to M
Brad Hornick | Organizers have pledged to make the upcoming NYC "Peoples' Climate March" an "invitation to change everything" and to "take a stand to bend the course of history." What are its prospects for doing so?
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog June 19
Photo: travis blanston/flickr
Brad Hornick | We live in an era when environmental issues are politicized as never before but also one in which some call "post-political." Climate crisis and fossil fuel struggles draw out these contradictions.
Blog - Brad Hornick's blog June 16
Image: Flickr/takver
Brad Hornick | The environmental left in B.C. continues to waffle around real political alternatives to the neo-liberal economics driving climate change. Where can we go from here?