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Brent Patterson

Brent Patterson is a political activist and writer. He has worked in solidarity with revolutionary Nicaragua, advocated for the rights of prisoners in jails and federal prisons, taken part in civil disobedience actions in Toronto's financial district and at the Ontario Legislature, and participated in street protests at the Battle of Seattle and at UN climate summits. He supported cross-country activism at The Council of Canadians for almost 20 years. Brent has a BA in Political Science from the University of Saskatchewan and an MA in International Relations from York University. He lives in Ottawa on the traditional, unceded and unsurrendered territories of the Algonquin nation.

Blog - Brent Patterson December 16
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | Tar sands corporations appear unfazed by the Trudeau government's support of the 1.5-degree target in the Paris Agreement.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 15
Diane Connors at the D12 march held as the Paris Climate Summit ended.
Brent Patterson | A new draft climate agreement has been reached on the last day of the COP21 talks in Paris. It's framed as "ambitious and equitable" but does it deliver real commitments?
Blog - Brent Patterson December 9
Photo: British High Commission, Ottawa/flickr
Brent Patterson | With ambitious targets must come ambitious actions. This means freezing tar sands expansion, rejecting both the Energy East and Kinder Morgan pipelines, and planning for a just energy transition.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 3
Natural resources minister Jim Carr and his chief of staff Janet Annesley. Image
Brent Patterson | There are numerous questions to be asked about Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr's choice of his chief of staff.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 1
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | With the COP21 climate talks beginning in Paris this Monday, the indications are that the critical aspects of Trudeau's climate policy fall well short of what is needed.
Blog - Brent Patterson December 1
Maude Barlow makes a convincing case against CETA, at the Austrian Parliament ea
Brent Patterson | Given the Canada-EU trade deal was "approved in principle" in October 2013, one might wonder what has happened to the agreement 14 months after negotiations on it were completed.
Blog - Brent Patterson November 27
Stop the Trojan treaty – Brussels 04/02/15 Friends of the Earth Europe/Lode Said
Brent Patterson | The Natural Resources Defense Council has projected that Europe could be receiving 700,000 barrels of tar sands bitumen a day by 2020, thanks to trade deals like CETA and TTIP.
Blog - Brent Patterson November 26
Photo: Prime Minister of Canada/flickr
Brent Patterson | The review of laws, policies and practices for energy projects must be done in partnership and consultation with Indigenous peoples, to ensure that the Crown is meeting its consultation obligations.
Blog - Brent Patterson November 25
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | Is it possible that the COP 21 climate summit could be used as a moment to promote the tar sands and export pipelines?
Blog - Brent Patterson November 19
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland and Foreign Minister Stephane Dion are now in Manila, the Philippines for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.
Blog - Brent Patterson November 18
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | If we can't talk about tar sands expansion and climate change at the NEB, where can we? Business as usual is not acceptable.
Blog - Brent Patterson November 13
Photo: WHO director-general Margaret Chan
Brent Patterson | World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan said she has "some very serious concerns" about the TPP.
Blog - Brent Patterson November 10
Brent Patterson | Catherine McKenna is now in Paris for preliminary talks related to the COP 21 climate summit, but the Trudeau government is still refusing to commit to specific emission reduction targets.
Blog - Brent Patterson November 9
Brent Patterson | Saint John city council is moving ahead with a public-private partnership (P3) for a new 100 million litre per day drinking water treatment plant.
Blog - Brent Patterson November 8
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | WIN! Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline!
Blog - Brent Patterson November 4
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | TransCanada's move to suspend its controversial Keystone XL pipeline proposal has elevated the Energy East pipeline plan to the top of Canada's political agenda.
Blog - Brent Patterson November 3
Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow visited Shoal Lake 40 First Nation
Brent Patterson | While Justin Trudeau made no specific budget pledge for First Nations water and wastewater in the Liberal platform, his five-year deadline is clear and undeniable.
Blog - Brent Patterson October 29
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | It would appear that a Canada Health Accord is back on the table with incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But what will it look like under Canada's new prime minister?
Blog - Brent Patterson October 28
Brent Patterson | Yesterday, Canada Post announced it was "suspending future deployment of the program" to replace door-to-door delivery.
Blog - Brent Patterson October 20
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | We should rightly celebrate the defeat of Stephen Harper and a significantly increased voter turnout, but we will have to campaign even harder now to ensure that Canadians get the change they deserve.
Blog - Brent Patterson October 19
Brigette DePape
Brent Patterson | The 2011 election's low voter turnout only benefited the Conservatives. Let's ensure those numbers are much higher this election.
Blog - Brent Patterson October 15
Brent Patterson | With negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) now completed, what hurdles does it face in the ratification process?
Blog - Brent Patterson October 14
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | The Walking With Our Sisters art installation is a poignant reminder of the need for an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women as well as the full implementation of TRC recommendations.
Blog - Brent Patterson October 13
Brent Patterson | While it's too early to say whether there will be a higher overall voter turnout this election, the indications look positive.
Blog - Brent Patterson October 8
Image: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | While the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not likely to be released until November 5 or later, we do know that it includes an investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provision.
Blog - Brent Patterson October 6
Brent Patterson | Countries announced the conclusion of negotiations on the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership "free trade" deal this week. What's in that agreement and why should we be concerned?
Blog - Brent Patterson October 1
Photo: Government of Newfoundland and Labrador/flickr
Brent Patterson | The Government of Nunatsiavut is concerned that the thousands of Inuit people who eat fish downstream of the planned Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam project could be at risk of mercury contamination.
Blog - Brent Patterson September 30
Photo: Council of Canadians
Brent Patterson | Ottawa-area farmers brought a convoy of tractors into Ottawa yesterday morning for a protest against the concessions the Harper government is poised to make at the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks.
Blog - Brent Patterson September 29
Brent Patterson | Chiefs of Ontario have launched the Who Is She campaign, a fundraising effort aimed at creating a First Nations-led, community-driven process to eradicate violence against Indigenous women and girls.
Blog - Brent Patterson September 29
Brent Patterson | Prime Minister Stephen Harper's trade minister Ed Fast will be in Atlanta this week for critical talks relating to the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership "free trade" deal.