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A change is gonna come

Sam Cooke's song, "A Change Is Gonna Come," offered hope during the Civil Rights Movement. Today, it reminds me that it's a long, slow, sometimes tiring walk to freedom and I need to remain focused on the goal -- an equitable world.

Blog - A change is gonna come August 21
Image: NFB
Doreen Nicoll | This year's Toronto International Film Festival features "Now is the Time" and "Jordan River Anderson: The Messenger" -- two incredible stories of First Nations perseverance and ultimately success.
Blog - A change is gonna come August 18
A native plant garden. Image: Flickr/Jim Crotty
Doreen Nicoll | Resident Paul Raun was recently notified by Burlington by-law enforcement that he must cut and remove overgrown weeds on his property. The problem is, he has no weeds, only native plants.
Blog - A change is gonna come August 15
Antheia's milkweed taken by Altheia. Used with permission.
Doreen Nicoll | Burlington declared a climate emergency this spring. But the city has violated its own by-laws by forcibly cutting down a resident's naturalized garden, a research-proven climate solution.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 24
Photo courtesy of Wellington Water Watchers
Doreen Nicoll | A large proportion of Ontario voters agree that permits to take water for for-profit bottling should be phased out over the next two years.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 23
Aerial view of Campbellville. Photo: Haljackey/Wikimedia Commons
Doreen Nicoll | James Dick Construction plans to blast below the water table in two quarries and that could allow contaminated surface water to infect municipal and private wells.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 20
Image: Pixabay
Doreen Nicoll | There are over 50 companies offering up musicals, dance, comedies, magic shows, dramas and family entertainment in more than 400 performances.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 17
Image: National Film Board
Doreen Nicoll | Un/tied Shoes takes viewers on a mock lifestyle-driven online shopping experience. The kind in which each customer envisions their journey reaping the ultimate pair of shoes.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 14
Buried machinery in barn lot in Dallas, South Dakota, United States during the Dust Bowl. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Doreen Nicoll | "The Promised Land" is a moving and timely show that takes audiences on a journey across America through novelist John Steinbeck's personal and artistic musings.
Blog - A change is gonna come June 27
Scene from film Zaagi’idiwin. Image: Zaagi’idiwin/NFB
Doreen Nicoll | Short films that celebrate reclamation, rematriation, and revitalization of Indigenous knowledge, languages, and culture help settlers understand the long journey out of colonization.
Blog - A change is gonna come May 11
Doreen Nicoll | Tasha Hubbard's film "nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up" follows the Boushie family as they demand action on racism in the Canadian justice system.
Blog - A change is gonna come April 20
Aaron James, whose book "Assholes: A Theory" inspired John Walker's documentary
Doreen Nicoll | Inspired by Aaron James's book of the same name, "Assholes: A Theory" explores the origins of a social type that seems to be taking over the world.
Blog - A change is gonna come April 8
Doreen Nicoll | Nestlé is creating the illusion that tap water is only desirable for washing dishes and irrigating crops not drinking. Activists in Wellington, Ontario know water is for life, not profit.
Blog - A change is gonna come January 2
Canadian coins. Photo: KMR Photography/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | 2019 is a new year full of hope and promise. It's time to share those gifts by implementing a basic income.
Blog - A change is gonna come November 4
Photo:  Devon Buchanan/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Intimate partner violence is not a women’s issue it’s actually a men’s issue – they are the ones inflicting the harm – and it’s a human rights issue.
Blog - A change is gonna come November 2
Plastic water bottles. Photo: Ricardo Bernardo/zone41.net/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Water is a human right and should not be treated as a commodity. Tell Ontario Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks to extend the moratorium on new permits to take groundwater for bottling.
Blog - A change is gonna come September 19
Photo: Guelph RISE Up for Climate Action. Used with permission from Guelph Citizens Climate Lobby.
Doreen Nicoll | Why is Ford meeting secretly with Xinyi Glass, a corporation seeking to extract over a million litres of water daily from Wellington county's already precarious aquifer despite opposition from locals?
Blog - A change is gonna come September 10
Doreen Nicoll | Astra Taylor takes viewers on the revolutionary journey that is democracy, reminding us that wrestling with ideas and concepts is central to the ongoing struggle to rule ourselves.
Blog - A change is gonna come August 30
Doreen Nicoll | Burlington City Councillor Vince Fiorito is running on grounded, achievable goals that would help make Ward 1 and the entire City of Burlington a cleaner, more energy efficient, sustainable place.
Blog - A change is gonna come August 24
Jacquard loom. Photo: Charlie Allom/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Artist Line Dufour has immortalized the images of Ontario victims of sexual violence in 24 jacquard woven shrouds imbued with memory and feelings.
Blog - A change is gonna come August 13
Doreen Nicoll | Why is Guelph is joining in solidarity with communities across the country and around the world to demand real climate leadership? For the same reasons your community should be, too.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 23
Doreen Nicoll | I have found the secret garden. There is no gate or little door, but there certainly is a Fairy Queen who is welcoming and gracious, yet formidable with an ever so slightly mischievous side.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 19
Water fountain. Photo: Martina Yach/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Monday night in a four to one vote Guelph-Eramosa Council refused Xinyi Glass's application which would have extracted 1.6 million litres of water daily.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 18
Detailed view of the "Glwa", Heiltsuk canoe, at the Qatuwas Festival, an international gathering of maritime indigenous nations of the Pacific Rim. Photo: United Nations Photo/John Isaac/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Indigenous artists, get help with your NFB/imagineNative innovative submissions on July 19 from 4 to 5 p.m.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 10
Doreen Nicoll | WWW is planning for the next phase of the Nestle campaign and they're hoping you'll join in on the conversations to strategize and develop tactics to fit working with Doug Ford's government.
Blog - A change is gonna come July 9
Doreen Nicoll | With the research and information supplied by environmentalists and actionists from across Southern Ontario, Burlington city staff made changes to protect milkweed.
Blog - A change is gonna come June 30
Doreen Nicoll | Doreen Nicoll recently came home to a Notice of Violation stating she had to remove or destroy the milkweed plants in her garden.
Blog - A change is gonna come June 29
People holding signs with human rights messages on them. Photo: Geoff Campbell/Flickr
Doreen Nicoll | Come to an introductory session about the work of Amnesty International and learn how you can protect human rights.
Blog - A change is gonna come June 27
Doreen Nicoll | Take part in 150 days of reconcili-action by joining others across the country taking the #NEXT150 Challenge. Together we can work nation with nation to make the next 150 years something to celebrate.
Blog - A change is gonna come May 29
Doreen Nicoll | The documentary Metamorphosis shows the fallout from climate change and environmental devastation can include creativity, sustainable ingenuity, and a beautiful future.
Blog - A change is gonna come May 27
An installation on violence against women in Mexico City, 2018
Doreen Nicoll | By not distinguishing this form of torture in the Criminal Code, society diminishes the human rights violations survivors have endured and keeps women and girls silent, powerless, and invisible.