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KAIROS Witness

In this monthly blog, KAIROS explores the social and ecological justice issues related to the extractive industry and watersheds, the rights of Indigenous peoples, women and migrant workers, and how to build movements of change. KAIROS brings awareness and offers insights on Canadian and global issues that are too often ignored.

Blog - KAIROS Witness December 2
A CEIBA promoter in Santiago, Guatemala with valley behind her.
Rachel Warden | We work with CEIBA to better understand and make visible the impacts of large-scale resource extraction on women and the critical role women play in defending collective rights and the environment.
Blog - KAIROS Witness November 26
La Via Campesina demonstrate in Copenhagen
John Dillon | As the Paris climate conference approaches, amplifying the voices of Indigenous peoples is the most important role KAIROS can play.
Blog - KAIROS Witness November 25
Consultation in Guatemala
Rachel Warden | Today women in Canada and the Global South are calling for an end to the daily violence against women everywhere, in all its forms.
Blog - KAIROS Witness November 24
Climate activists donning the masks of leaders point in the direction they want
John Dillon | If negotiations at the Paris climate conference drag on past the December 11 deadline, it will likely be due to wrangling over financing for climate adaptation in developing countries.
Blog - KAIROS Witness November 19
John Kerry at COP20; Photo: UN
John Dillon | The European Union and the United States are engaged in an unusual public dispute concerning whether agreements reached at the Paris climate conference will be legally binding.
Blog - KAIROS Witness November 17
'Paris Climat 2015' sign on Eiffel Tower; Photo: World Tech Today
John Dillon | Prime Minister Trudeau has raised expectations for Canada's action on climate change. The most important challenge will be meeting the imperative to keep most fossil fuel reserves in the ground.
Blog - KAIROS Witness November 12
Syncrude operations at the Alberta tar sands. Photo by Sara Stratton
John Dillon | I was surprised by media reports that pre-Paris national pledges of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions could keep temperature increases to around 2.7 degrees Celsius by 2100. So I investigated.
Blog - KAIROS Witness October 8
Women making their voices heard in Guatemala. Photo credit: CEIBA
Rachel Warden, Anne Marie Sam | Environmental degradation, gender justice and Indigenous rights have barely made the election radar. It’s not surprising that the issue of mining impacts on Indigenous women is nowhere to be seen.
Blog - KAIROS Witness September 23
Pope Francis
John Dillon | When Pope Francis addresses the UN on September 25, how will his message resonate with Canadians?
Blog - KAIROS Witness September 15
Participants of the Rolling Justice Bus (Zsuzsa Harsman is in the middle)
Steve Gray, Zsuzsa Harsman | We travelled for eight days through the heartland of B.C. on the Rolling Justice Bus. Our purpose? To connect with First Nations, faith-based groups, environmentalists and others following the TRC.
Blog - KAIROS Witness July 1
Drummers during Blanket Exercise at Parliament Hill
Jennifer Henry | On this day, when Canadians gather to celebrate our country, I will place my pride not in who we are, but in who we can become.
Blog - KAIROS Witness June 2
Participant of the Walk for Reconciliation
Cheryl McNamara | Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples joined powerful conversations during a series of events, sponsored by KAIROS Canada, leading up to the close of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Blog - KAIROS Witness May 13
The KAIROS Blanket Exercise in action
Sara Anderson | In order for reconciliation to truly happen, the 'story' of Canada must be changed to reflect and re-centre the experience and voices of Indigenous peoples.
Blog - KAIROS Witness April 22
John Dillon, Ecological Economy Coordinator at KAIROS
John Dillon | As I became more and more alarmed about the damage being done to ecosystems vital to life on this planet, I began to explore Indigenous peoples' teachings on respecting Mother Earth.
Blog - KAIROS Witness March 8
Naty Atz Sunuc (far left)
Rachel Warden | International Women's Day is an opportunity to celebrate the amazing women in our lives. Naty Atz Sunuc is one of these remarkable women.
Blog - KAIROS Witness March 5
Jennifer Henry
Jennifer Henry | Today, March 5, I am fasting for imagination. I want to feel hunger and thirst in a symbolic call for the "serious imaginative work" that is needed to address the current climate catastrophe.
Blog - KAIROS Witness February 28
Connie Sorio
Connie Sorio | Today, February 28, I am fasting because I am hungry for change. Today I consider my fast both a political and spiritual action.
Blog - KAIROS Witness February 20
Marchers during Feb 14 Strawberry Ceremony
Audrey Huntley | Today is the World Day of Social Justice. You likely didn't know that. For me, every day is this one. Every day I invite Canadians to see how the settler colonial project impacts Indigenous peoples.
Blog - KAIROS Witness December 16
Delegation at Peoples’ Summit of the UN Climate Conference COP20 Delegate. At sm
John Dillon | Monitoring the UN climate conference in Lima, I was struck with a profound sense of déjà vu. Nothing significant was achieved. In the meantime what can we do?
Blog - KAIROS Witness November 25
Chantal Bilulu, Coordinator of the Women and Children’s Program for Héritiers de
Chantal Bilulu | For Héritiers de la Justice, the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is a great opportunity to empower Congolese women to speak out about sexual violence and to awaken their fellow sisters.
Blog - KAIROS Witness November 10
"Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red" at the Tower of London
Sara Stratton | Ceramic poppies representing each British and colonial military death in WWI have been laid in the Tower of London’s moat. It is breathtaking, almost beyond belief. Beautiful and absolutely brutal.
Blog - KAIROS Witness October 31
Sean smells the flowers on the Great Climate March
Cheryl McNamara | Joining the Great Climate March, I didn't expect to march into a fracking frontline. I wanted to understand what motivated a group of climate activists to undergo a gruelling test of endurance.
Blog - KAIROS Witness August 28
KAIROS-led Blanket Exercise at the People's Social Forum
John Dillon | How can Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples work together to restore harmonious relationships with each other and the land, asked KAIROS at the Peoples' Social Forum.
Blog - KAIROS Witness July 10
More than 600 volunteers with Citizens' Climate Lobby converged on Capitol Hill
Cheryl McNamara | My week in late June began by shaking the hand of President Obama. It ended by interviewing First Nations and Métis living in the heart of the Athabasca Tar Sands.
Blog - KAIROS Witness June 21
Coastal islands near Kitkatla, BC
Sara Stratton | National Aboriginal Day holds the promise of reconciliation, but the recent decision on the Northern Gateway pipeline threatens to unravel it.
Blog - KAIROS Witness June 6
Tara Ward, Ana Guadalupe Matzier,  Alma Brooks and Rachel Warden outside the UN
Rachel Warden | The Honouring Indigenous Women’s delegation to the UN brought together women to highlight the gendered impacts of mining and to amplify the voices of Indigenous women.
Blog - KAIROS Witness June 4
Winona LaDuke speaking
Ed Bianchi | Indigenous peoples' teachings and wisdom are key in addressing climate change and ecological collapse, says Winona LaDuke at the As Long As the Rivers Flow conference in Fort McMurray.
Blog - KAIROS Witness April 29
John Dillon | Government climate negotiators agree that the global temperature increase must be below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels to avoid catastrophic climate change.
Blog - KAIROS Witness April 22
A herd of buffalo at  Arrowwood National Wildlife Reserve, North Dakota.
Sara Stratton | In March I travelled to Edmonton for the last National Event of the TRC. I am on a journey of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, which is also a journey of reconciliation with the land.
Blog - KAIROS Witness April 17
Jules Koostachin and James Buffin
Katy Quinn | Knowing who we are as Canadians means acknowledging and understanding the injustices and harms experienced by Indigenous people at the residential schools.