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Left Hook

Left Hook is a project that seeks to bridge the sphere of progressive social/political analysis to the world of amateur and professional sport.

Blog - Left Hook October 30
Riaz Sayani-Mulji | The Canadian Civil Liberties Association hosted a Toronto Police vs. Artists hockey game to "build bridges" with the community. But, what community was actually benefiting from this event?
Blog - Left Hook August 28
Image: Winnipeg Jets
Tyler Shipley | There was a time when the idea of military pomp at a Canadian sporting event would have seemed absurdly out of place -- that was an American thing. Oh, how the times have changed.
Blog - Left Hook September 21
Tyler Shipley, Julian Ammirante | Even when dealing with wealthy NHLers, there is still an issue of labour and capital at the heart of it all; we call on fans to direct their frustration at the broader commodification of sports.
Blog - Left Hook September 12
Matt Hern | Matt Hern offers a response to Kalman-Lamb's critique of boxing, suggesting that the physicality and embodiment of fighting and martial arts can offer a window into libratory politics.
Blog - Left Hook August 28
Justin Panos | Justin Panos weaves together the histories of capitalism, New York City, and the damn Yankees.
Blog - Left Hook August 15
Julian Ammirante | Left Hook special feature! This week's offering is a full-length Marxian analysis of sport, responding to the dominant culturalist readings of sport-as-spectacle.
Blog - Left Hook August 1
Nathan Kalman-Lamb | While mainstream pundits are celebrating the recognition of women's boxing as a step forward for women, one writer insists that it is more complicated than that.
Blog - Left Hook July 25
Travis Reitsma | There is a long history of non-Indigenous sports teams using 'Indian' imagery in their branding efforts. Some more egregious than others -- but all problematic.
Blog - Left Hook July 18
SJ | While most reactions to the Penn State sexual abuse cover-up focus on irresponsible individuals, this piece looks deeper at the hypermasculine sporting culture that made the cover-up possible.
Blog - Left Hook July 13
Brian Burke marches with PFLAG during the Pride Parade in Toronto. (Photo: James Hamilton.)
Tyler Shipley | A comprehensive analysis of ongoing homophobia in the hockey world, as manifest in hyperbolic media reactions to Brian Burke's participation in the 2012 Pride Parade.