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Linda Leon's Blog

Yukon is full of artists, thinkers, eccentrics and rabble-rousing political trouble makers. From the windows of her [i]Acting Out Studio,[/i] Linda Leon observes the view from North. Every good artist knows that you have to stand far away to get a full perspective.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog February 24
The Yukon legislative building
Linda Leon | Linda Leon examines two-round voting as part of a series on electoral reform in the Yukon
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog January 30
Yukon Premier Sandy Silver. Image: Bw14/Wikimedia Commons
Linda Leon | The Yukon government is forming a non-partisan commission to study electoral reform in the Yukon. In response to that welcome initiative, I am writing a series existing electoral systems worldwide.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog September 13
Image: Flickr/Obert Madondo​
Linda Leon | In spite of narrow one-sided papers posing as objective scholarly studies and ad hominem criticism of sitting politicians, the Fraser Institute has had charitable status since 1974.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog March 2
Linda Leon | Open Letter to Donald Trump, President of the United States of America.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog February 2
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore
Linda Leon | How to stop cross-border hate.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog November 15
Linda Leon | PM Trudeau: Your father once observed that Canada's relationship with the United States was like that of a mouse sleeping with an elephant. With the election of Trump, it's even more perilous.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog September 29
Image: Flickr/Chris Campbell
Linda Leon | First Past the Post is a broken system. But a referendum can't fix it. Deep public consultations, surveys and full disclosure by the special committee are a better way.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 25
Linda Leon | Linda Leon returns to her blog, with an open letter to Rona Ambrose on the subject of negative politicking.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog October 8
Linda Leon | "Ryan Leef? He's just too scary."
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 28
Linda Leon | I don't hate you Ryan. But I don't think you have the skill, wisdom or strength of character to be a good leader. This is my last letter to you.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 14
Canada's Better Angel is slandered
Linda Leon | Negative campaigning doesn't just ruin reputations unjustly or cynically exploit uninformed voters. It is a form of voter suppression.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog July 21
Linda Leon | Adopting a German-style MMPR electoral system, along with Germany's safeguards against fascism, could serve Canadians very well indeed.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog June 18
Linda Leon | If Bill C-59 passes unamended, future sitting governments and public institutions will be able to avoid scrutiny and possible criminal prosecution.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog May 14
Tiny Toxic joins the Littlelest Libeller for evening study sessions in the PMO
Linda Leon | Many of the Conservative caucus are natural or well-trained trolls. But they don't have to be.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog April 17
Linda Leon | Linda Leon asks Yukon MP what, exactly, constitutes political corruption. Because it sure looks like there's an awful lot of it going around in the Conservative Party right now.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog March 6
Linda Leon | The Harper government is playing the terrorist card to trample civil liberties with their new anti-terror legislation.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog January 19
Linda Leon | The Harper government's record on free speech suppression is long and incriminating. And yet it still wants to make hay out of Charlie Hebdo.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog December 17
Linda Leon | The controversy over the land use plan for the Peel River Watershed is broadly divisive. But the Yukon Government is moving full steam ahead with forsaking the commons for the profit of a few.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog December 2
Image: Flickr/thoughtwax
Linda Leon | Character assassination and bullying are time-tested conservative tactics. And now there's a medical explanation for it! Now for clinical trials...
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog October 31
Image: Flickr/Edna Winti
Linda Leon | Please don't vote for regressive Bill S-6, "An Act to amend the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act and the Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface" -- Northerners deserve better.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog September 24
Linda Leon | CRA witchhunts? How far is the Prime Minister willing to go to suppress dissent?
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog August 18
Linda Leon | From Israel's assault on Gaza to attacks on refugees in Canada, Stephen Harper's Conservatives are masters of nasty wedge politics. Penny for your thoughts, Ryan?
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog July 17
Photo: peelwatershed/flickr
Linda Leon | The Peel River Watershed is a pristine area in northern Yukon prized by First Nations and famous worldwide for its extraordinary beauty.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog June 13
Linda Leon | The Harper government is more interested in controlling the message than it is in presenting the facts. That is why the Conservative Party is so determined to either take over or destroy the CBC.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog May 23
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Linda Leon | Conservatives committed the majority of electoral crimes in Canada since 2006. Now, with Bill C-23 passed the investigative arm of Elections Canada has been crippled and Pierre Poutine need not worry.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog April 28
Artwork: Linda Leon
Linda Leon | Bill C-520 is a partner document of the Unfair Elections Act. Both bills seek to muzzle public servants, dismantle democratic safeguards and give free rein to the unscrupulous.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog March 29
Linda Leon | In her latest letter to Yukon MP Ryan Leef, Linda Leon calls the Conservatives' defence of the Fair Elections Act an insult to our intelligence.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog February 25
Linda Leon | Demand reforms of the Fair Elections Bill that will actually make it fair. If you cannot bring about change, do not defend the indefensible.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog January 20
Linda Leon | Fisheries and Oceans libraries have been closed down across Canada. Barbarians have a lot to answer for.
Blog - Linda Leon's Blog December 17
Linda Leon | Consider going rogue. Support the Reform Act. It won't cure all of the ills in our parliamentary system. But it will go a long way towards healing Canadian democracy.