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Liz Kessler's blog

Liz Kessler is a writer, activist, fundraiser and urban gardener who lives in Winnipeg. She has spent more than 10 years advocating for accessibility for herself and for others with invisible disabilities, and offers consultation on radically supporting loved ones and community members with mental health challenges. You can follow her on Twitter [url=https://twitter.com/E_Kess]@e_kess. [/url]

Blog - Liz Kessler's blog June 11
Liz Kessler | Suicides are increasing at an alarming rate, and suicide hotlines are limited in scope. We all have a lot of work to do.
Blog - Liz Kessler's blog July 27
Image: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski
Liz Kessler | The huge amount of power that doctors have makes it likely that Canada's assisted dying laws will be abused.
Blog - Liz Kessler's blog March 16
 Image: Wikimeida Commons/Michael Anderson
Liz Kessler | Kids with learning disabilities will be the first to suffer from larger classes.
Blog - Liz Kessler's blog March 13
Image: Flickr/Jason Devaun
Liz Kessler | I have learned, almost unconsciously, that I have to fight almost constantly for people to listen to what I have to say or take my ideas seriously.
Blog - Liz Kessler's blog February 14
Image: Adam Zeek/flickr
Liz Kessler | "Normalcy" isn't possible, and it's not the goal, so trying to reassure me that I seem normal is useless.
Blog - Liz Kessler's blog December 29
Liz Kessler | It's not safe for everyone to be open about mental illnesses and pain. But for those of us who can, we need to be open, and we need to create the space for others to be open, too.
Blog - Liz Kessler's blog November 13
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Liz Kessler | Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's approach to mental health is completely individualist, over-simplistic and useless for most of us who struggle with anxiety, depression and trauma. It's also not new.
Blog - Liz Kessler's blog September 3
Photo: Flickr.com/mgifford
Liz Kessler | Cyclists might be rude and badly behaved, but when drivers mess up, we die.