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MiningWatch blog

MiningWatch Canada is a pan-Canadian initiative supported by environmental, social justice, Aboriginal and labour organizations from across the country. It addresses the urgent need for a co-ordinated public interest response to the threats to public health, water and air quality, fish and wildlife habitat and community interests posed by irresponsible mineral policies and practices in Canada and around the world.

Blog - MiningWatch blog December 19
Ramsey Hart | The December 6 commentary in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business by David Parkinson rightly draws attention to the low tax rate applied to mining in Ontario.
Blog - MiningWatch blog November 26
Ramsey Hart | MiningWatch encourages rabble readers to support the Algonquins of Barriere Lake's fight to protect their waters, lands and resources from clear-cut logging.
Blog - MiningWatch blog November 4
Catherine Coumans | The Office of the Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor (CSR Counsellor) was announced with much fanfare in October 2009 as a central pillar in the government's "CSR strategy."
Blog - MiningWatch blog October 31
Jennifer Moore | The negative impacts of Canadian mining activities in the region, highlighting the Canadian government’s role, to be heard at IACHR's 149th Session on Friday.
Blog - MiningWatch blog October 26
Kevin O’Reilly | The fate of the Giant Mine and the remediation plan now lies with federal and territorial ministers. The reasonable next step is for the ministers to accept the MVEIRB report and its recommendations.
Blog - MiningWatch blog October 22
Catherine Coumans | It took Canadian mining giant Placer Dome a couple of decades to wreak environmental destruction on major coral reefs in Calancan Bay and to severely contaminate the Mogpog and Boac Rivers.
Blog - MiningWatch blog September 27
Map of Yukon mineral claims, Canadian Geographic
Ramsey Hart | Late last week, the Ross River Dena First Nation learned that the Supreme Court of Canada would not hear the Yukon government’s appeal of a decision that rebuked the territory's free entry system.
Blog - MiningWatch blog September 8
Rosia Montana Valley. Photo: BAS Photography on Pbase.
Payal Sampat | Gabriel Resources has been trying for 15 years to impose a huge open-pit gold mining project on Romanians.
Blog - MiningWatch blog June 14
Ramsey Hart | On Wednesday, U.S. mining company Cliffs Natural Resources announced that it was ceasing work on the environmental assessment process for its high-profile chromite project in northern Ontario.
Blog - MiningWatch blog June 4
Ramsey Hart | Last month the International Council on Mining and Metallurgy (ICMM) issued a new position paper, “Indigenous Peoples and Mining”.
Blog - MiningWatch blog May 2
Jamie Kneen | As Eldorado Gold holds its annual shareholders' meeting in Vancouver today, Canadians may ask themselves why the company's plans to mine gold in northern Greece are meeting such strong resistance.
Blog - MiningWatch blog April 23
Ramsey Hart | Australian research organizations recently released a review of the economic assessments of Australian coal projects and found that the proponent-generated reviews greatly overstated the benefits.
Blog - MiningWatch blog April 11
A protester outside hearings for the Matoush uranium project in Mistissini sends
Ramsey Hart | For over five years now the Coalition has been pushing an agenda of mining reforms in Quebec.
Blog - MiningWatch blog March 7
Trade Minister Ed Fast and Corporate Responsibility Counsellor Marketa Evans
Jamie Kneen | The Canadian government’s big announcement for this year’s Prospectors and Developers Association conference (PDAC) was a pair of investment agreements, with Cameroon and Zambia.
Blog - MiningWatch blog February 23
Members of the Neskonlith Band camping at Tum Tum Lake  in the headwaters of the
Ramsey Hart | Last week I had the opportunity to visit Secwepemc territory in south-central B.C. I was invited the Neskonlith Band to speak with them about the Ruddock Creek project, a proposed lead and zinc mine.
Blog - MiningWatch blog February 15
Catherine Coumans | The deal Barrick Gold is offering women raped and gang raped by employees of its Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea is not "fair" as The Globe says. And Barrick's not alone in its overdue response.
Blog - MiningWatch blog January 18
Map showing the location of the Ring of Fire in northern Ontario.
Ramsey Hart | MiningWatch had an opportunity to comment on an important document that will guide Cliffs Natural Resources in drafting the environmental assessment of their Chromite project.
Blog - MiningWatch blog December 17
Jamie Kneen, Rachel Forbes | This past spring, the federal government, through its omnibus ‘budget’ bill C-38, introduced a new, and spectacularly diminished, environmental assessment law. Do they want to fix it at all?
Blog - MiningWatch blog December 11
Ramsey Hart | Yesterday the federal Review Panel examining the New Prosperity Gold Copper Mine Project issued a notice to proponent Taseko Mines that the company's environmental impact statement (EIS) is deficient.
Blog - MiningWatch blog November 2
Ramsey Hart | Even in established and historic mining areas, local communities are being challenged with new bigger-than-ever projects and mine expansions that threaten their health, quality of life and properties.
Blog - MiningWatch blog October 30
various | We express our indignation and extend our solidarity to the families of Ismael Solorio Urrutia and his wife Manuela Martha Solís Contreras of the community ejido Benito Juárez.
Blog - MiningWatch blog September 7
Ramsey Hart | The outgoing Charest government in Quebec received a lot of flack over the summer for offering a $58-million loan to an industry that was on its last breath -- the mining and export of asbestos.
Blog - MiningWatch blog August 24
Ramsey Hart | Stephen Harper's annual trip north has again put the northern territories in a spotlight on the national agenda (at least for this week).
Blog - MiningWatch blog August 1
Jen Moore | Unions, civil society organizations and solidarity networks in Canada and the US show solidarity with day of action against the imposition of large-scale resource extraction projects without consent.
Blog - MiningWatch blog July 18
Photo credit: Ben Powless
Brigette DePape, Priyanka Vittal | Budget cuts opposed at the Death of Evidence rally will deeply affect environmental and social issues related to mining.
Blog - MiningWatch blog July 16
Ramsey Hart | While modest gains were made in the modernization of the Mining Act the necessary shift in attitude within the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines has not occurred. MNDM continues to hold minin
Blog - MiningWatch blog June 8
Ramsey Hart | I spent the early part of this week in Mistissini, the largest Cree community in Eeyou Istchee, the Cree Territory of northern Quebec, particpating in a two-day licencing hearing held by the Canadian
Blog - MiningWatch blog June 4
Jennifer Moore | Pacific Rim Mining's lawsuit against El Salvador continues to be a threat to the country's democracy and development.
Blog - MiningWatch blog June 1
Jamie Kneen | Every one of the federal government’s claims regarding the new Environmental Assessment Act is specious, disingenuous, or plain old horse exhaust.
Blog - MiningWatch blog May 16
Jennifer Moore | The Canadian government human rights report on Colombia was found vacant of any human rights content.