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Policy Note

Policy Note delivers timely, progressive commentary on issues that affect British Columbians, including the economy, poverty, inequality, climate change, provincial budgets, taxes, public services, employment and much more. Contributors include staff and research associates from the B.C. Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). The views expressed on this blog are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of the CCPA. Visit the CCPA's Policy Note blog at [url=www.policynote.ca]www.PolicyNote.ca.[/url]

Blog - Policy Note November 3
Photo: Michael Coghlan/flickr
Kendra Milne | After an election campaign in which women's equality became a rhetorical tool, Canada has opted for a more hopeful federal government. But where does that leave women in B.C.?
Blog - Policy Note November 2
Marc Lee | Residential care services have been experiencing austerity for a long time, and this adversely affects the quality of care we are providing to seniors in B.C.
Blog - Policy Note October 30
Image: Flickr/bcgovphotos
Marc Lee | For many years, B.C.'s health care system escaped the austerity imposed on other parts of the public sector. No longer.
Blog - Policy Note October 26
Image: Flickr/Can Pac Swire
Seth Klein, Shannon Daub | A minority government would have given progressive movements more leverage to demand timely and effective action, but the Liberal platform nevertheless includes many positive policies and commitments.
Blog - Policy Note October 23
Image: Flickr/Ara Shimoon
Seth Klein, Shannon Daub | The reversal of fortunes between the NDP and the Liberals deserves careful consideration, as it provides important lessons for progressives.
Blog - Policy Note October 16
Vanessa Brcic | As a family physician, the most important way I can help (and not harm) my patients, is to vote for health care in this election.
Blog - Policy Note October 14
Photo: Gord McKenna/Flickr
Janet Newbury | The primary challenge ahead of us is not to imagine possible alternatives to this system that enslaves so many. What we must do now is in fact take the leap, make some commitments, and join the flow.
Blog - Policy Note October 13
Photo: Policy Note blog
Iglika Ivanova, Lynell Anderson | Canada's patchwork system of child care could soon change, as many of the major political parties are proposing some form of a national child-care program. So how strong are the promises being made?
Blog - Policy Note October 8
Photo: Chris Yakimov/flickr
Seth Klein | The Pembina Institute conducted a poll with EKOS Research, assessing support for climate action among Albertans. The results are fascinating and hopeful.
Blog - Policy Note October 5
Image: Flickr/Joseph Morris
Seth Klein | Cutting small business taxes may make for good politics, but it's a policy with no economic merit.
Blog - Policy Note October 5
Image: Flickr/bcgovphotos
Marvin Shaffer | The fact is there has been no independently assessed business case or social benefit-cost justification of the government's plan to build Site C.
Blog - Policy Note September 20
Image: Twitter/ElizabethMay
Seth Klein | The recently released Green Party platform has some intriguing features, but many of its core promises lack boldness and conviction.
Blog - Policy Note September 9
Photo: lori05871/flickr
Suzanne Smythe | This week, children across Canada are back to school. But learning does not end in Grade 12, and the transition to post-secondary education is like an obstacle course for thousands of adults.
Blog - Policy Note September 8
Photo by Neal Jennings on Flickr
Seth Klein, Tyson Schoeber | Kids in B.C. are paying for our systemic failure to address the issues of class size and composition and to properly fund extra supports for kids with special needs.
Blog - Policy Note September 7
Iglika Ivanova | Canada is officially in a recession and while B.C. is expected to sail through it relatively unscathed, the projected modest GDP growth performance does not seem to be translating into job gains.
Blog - Policy Note September 3
Image: Newspaper Club/flickr
Keith Reynolds | The Supreme Court of Canada describes freedom of information legislation as a pillar of our democracy in Canada. Over the years, however, this pillar of democracy has seen its base chipped away.
Blog - Policy Note September 2
Photo: Yasmeen/flickr
Iglika Ivanova | The dip in GDP is what's making the headlines, but there are three other trends in the new data released by StatsCan that suggest the economic slowdown is here to stay.
Blog - Policy Note September 1
Frustration! Bev Sykes on Flickr
Suzanne Smythe | What we need in this election is for someone to articulate a vision of digital inclusion that goes beyond the digital management of populations and attends to the digital rights of all Canadians.
Blog - Policy Note August 13
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
Keith Reynolds | After more than three years of existence, chronic controversy and underperformance from B.C.'s Auditor General for Local Government, the Union of B.C. Municipalities has issued its own verdict.
Blog - Policy Note August 6
Photo: Caelie_Frampton/flickr
Keith Reynolds | There is no doubt that pay for the people who direct public services is of interest to the public. But why doesn't the debate extend to executives of private corporations delivering public services?
Blog - Policy Note July 28
Women learn computer skills. Photo: Spark Creative Ltd/Flickr
Suzanne Smythe | Digital access is an ongoing effort that requires a comprehensive vision and an integration of the seven principles of access, oriented to the needs of lower-income Canadians.
Blog - Policy Note July 16
Photo: oklanica/flickr
Iglika Ivanova | "The Best and Worst Places to be a Woman In Canada 2015" ranks Canada's 25 biggest cities based on the gaps in how men and women are faring in five key areas. Iglika Ivanova surveys the results.
Blog - Policy Note July 14
Iglika Ivanova | Imagine if the B.C. government put as much energy and effort into solving B.C.'s child-care crisis as it does in promoting LNG.
Blog - Policy Note July 13
Image: flickr/bcgovphotos
Marc Lee | For all of the hype about LNG creating jobs and eliminating our provincial debt, these real-world numbers are underwhelming to say the least.
Blog - Policy Note July 9
Image: Flickr/bcgovphotos
Marvin Shaffer | The BC Liberal's deal with Malaysian gas giant Petronas doesn't just shed risk for industry; it imposes potentially huge risks on the people of British Columbia.
Blog - Policy Note July 7
Peter Prontzos | Remember, it was this government that decided that Canada would back out of the Kyoto Accord, which required that signatory countries make minor reductions in their release of greenhouse gases.
Blog - Policy Note June 15
Image: Neff Conner/flickr
Vanessa Brcic | Current public dialogue is full of questions about what kind of innovation or "revamping" the health system needs. Dr. Vanessa Brcic applies principles of evidence-based practice to the debate.
Blog - Policy Note June 10
Photo: Jeff M for Short/flickr
Jonathan Chapnick | Twitter was raging against Tim Hortons last Thursday. According to the Ottawa Sun, for much of the day the hottest trending topic in Canada was #BoycottTims.
Blog - Policy Note June 5
Photo: John Weiss/flickr
Erin Daly | As a province that imports half of its food, B.C. has a stake in California's drought. Responses to water scarcity exemplify the need for collective action across communities.
Blog - Policy Note June 3
Photo: Julio Chrisostomo/flickr
Marc Lee | Done well, the shift away from fossil fuels can provide additional benefits in terms of health and well-being, economic security and much lower inequality.