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Policy Note

Policy Note delivers timely, progressive commentary on issues that affect British Columbians, including the economy, poverty, inequality, climate change, provincial budgets, taxes, public services, employment and much more. Contributors include staff and research associates from the B.C. Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). The views expressed on this blog are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of the CCPA. Visit the CCPA's Policy Note blog at [url=www.policynote.ca]www.PolicyNote.ca.[/url]

Blog - Policy Note May 29
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David Hughes | Our recent report by David Hughes, A Clear Look at BC LNG, prompted dismissive comments from the B.C. government and the LNG industry. CCPA-BC asked David to respond.
Blog - Policy Note May 27
Source: CCPA-BC
Marc Lee | A new report considers the ambition of the LNG enterprise as envisioned by the B.C. government, and delivers the first assessment of the cumulative impacts of LNG development.
Blog - Policy Note May 11
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
Marvin Shaffer | The biggest challenge facing provincial governments in B.C. and Alberta is finding the right balance between economic development and environmental objectives.
Blog - Policy Note May 11
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
Marc Lee | Over the past few years, the B.C. government and many in the policy community have spun a tale about the remarkable success of B.C.'s climate action policies, with a big spotlight on the carbon tax.
Blog - Policy Note May 5
Photo: Davide Cassanello/flickr
Iglika Ivanova | The living wage since 2012 is no longer sufficient for a single parent with one child in Metro Vancouver. After years of being frozen, B.C.'s low-income subsidies are in urgent need of an increase.
Blog - Policy Note April 16
Photo courtesy of Terrance Lam
Seth Klein | Federal finance minister Joe Oliver re-affirmed that his government seeks to double the annual limit to Tax-Free Savings Accounts from $5,500 to $11,000. This is a terrible idea.
Blog - Policy Note April 15
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Marc Lee | In February and March, the Climate Justice Project hosted "This Changes BC: A Conversation on Climate Justice," bringing together citizens to talk about climate solutions in the province.
Blog - Policy Note April 13
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Seth Klein | It's not about good economics. Nor about good public policy. Just crass politics. And now the federal government is once again dangling this useless policy ploy.
Blog - Policy Note April 7
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Arlene McLaren | Given parents' interest in finding alternatives to driving, policy-makers would be wise to build upon this interest and make strategic investments to improve options for transit, cycling and walking.
Blog - Policy Note March 31
Lindsey Bertrand | The CCPA released a paper about "just transition" -- an approach that aims to minimize the impact of environmental policies on workers and communities in affected industries -- for resource workers.
Blog - Policy Note March 23
Photo: Caelie_Frampton/flickr
Marvin Shaffer | A no vote would undoubtedly set the region back in the planning and implementation of new transit and public transportation infrastructure. But it doesn't have to be the disaster many suggest.
Blog - Policy Note March 18
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Shannon Daub, Sandra James | This referendum is not about a vote for or against Translink, the regional transportation authority, but is a vote for an overall transportation plan for regional accessibility and livability.
Blog - Policy Note March 13
Iglika Ivanova | After close to three years of no change, the B.C. minimum wage was overdue for an increase. But the measly raise announced this week falls far short of what is necessary.
Blog - Policy Note March 3
Photo: Traffic in Vancouver by Mark Woodbury on Flickr
Marc Lee, Seth Klein, Iglika Ivanova | In the upcoming Vancouver transit and transportation referendum, we think the benefits of a YES outcome outweigh the negatives for the following reasons.
Blog - Policy Note February 27
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Lynell Anderson | Budget 2015 clearly shows that B.C. can afford to start implementing the $10/day child-care plan now -- and it can choose to do so without raising taxes.
Blog - Policy Note February 26
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Marvin Shaffer | The upcoming referendum isn't the first but rather the culmination of a two-decade, tragically effective, bipartisan effort to prevent TransLink from doing what it was originally set up to do.
Blog - Policy Note February 18
Photo: Christopher Porter/flickr
Marc Lee | Marc Lee looks at Vancouver's Neighbourhood Energy Utility, a low-carbon district energy system that hits a sweet spot of clean energy, local control, and stable prices at competitive rates.
Blog - Policy Note February 18
Image: Flickr/BCGov
Iglika Ivanova | This budget is terrible, shortsighted and lacks leadership. The BC CCPA's Iglika Ivanova eviscerates Christy Clark's business-as-usual budget.
Blog - Policy Note February 17
Iglika Ivanova | 2015 marks the sixth year of B.C.'s recovery from the recession. But it's been a slow and largely jobless recovery in B.C.
Blog - Policy Note January 30
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
Jonathan Chapnick | Yesterday was Bell Let's Talk Day 2015 for mental health. But despite all the "talking" yesterday, there was something missing, particularly in relation to the discussion around workplace health.
Blog - Policy Note January 29
Image: Val Kerry/flickr
Trish Garner | There is not only a moral duty to eradicate poverty but also a legal obligation under international human rights law.
Blog - Policy Note January 16
Photo: Chris Yakimov/flickr
Marc Lee | Big picture climate action requires that we act together to make systemic changes to reduce our emissions. Carbon pricing is part of the answer, but regulations and public investment are also needed.
Blog - Policy Note January 8
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Keith Reynolds | The B.C. Finance Ministry has produced a report much more critical of Partnerships BC and its activities around public-private partnerships (P3s) than might have been expected.
Blog - Policy Note January 6
Photo: Jason Spaceman/flickr
Keith Reynolds | For the first time, a Canadian auditor general has questioned the fundamental methodology that justifies public-private partnerships.
Blog - Policy Note December 17
Trish Garner | The latest poverty statistics were released by Statistics Canada last Wednesday, and the data once again shows that British Columbia has one of the highest poverty rates in Canada.
Blog - Policy Note December 16
Photo: Hugo/flickr
Bill Black | A human rights commission is in a much better position than a tribunal to develop strategies and programs to help prevent discrimination.
Blog - Policy Note December 16
Photo: Homeless Hub/flickr
Marina Morrow | In B.C. there is currently no organization that consistently monitors legislation, policy and standards regarding the human rights of persons living with a mental illness.
Blog - Policy Note December 15
Photo: Paul Bailey/flickr
Devyn Cousineau | B.C.'s low-wage workers need a Human Rights Commission. The responsibility for fighting discrimination in the workplace cannot be theirs alone.
Blog - Policy Note December 15
Photo: andrea castelli/flickr
Lynell Anderson, Melanie Anderson | There is no institutional voice to raise public awareness about the commitments that Canada and B.C. have made to women's and children's rights, and in particular families with young children.
Blog - Policy Note December 12
Photo: Jordan Lewin/flickr
Thérèse Boullard | B.C. is the only province without a publicly funded independent agency that works to prevent discrimination through public education, research, advocacy and the promotion of basic human rights.