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Raluca Bejan

Raluca Bejan is an Assistant Professor at St. Thomas University, Fredericton, where she teaches courses in social policy and social movements. She has a PhD and a MSW from University of Toronto, and a BA in Political Sciences from the Lucian Blaga University, Faculty of Law, Sibiu, Romania. Raluca was a former Visiting Academic at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford, U.K., in 2016 and 2018.

Blog - Raluca Bejan October 8
Image: Raluca Bejan
Raluca Bejan | The underlying assumption is that the East Coast is perpetually subsidized by Ontario and the West. Yet I wonder how many Ontarians would put up with a pulp mill in downtown Elora or Picton.
Blog - Raluca Bejan September 3
Image: Raluca Bejan
Raluca Bejan | A Greek neighbourhood home to refugees and asylum seekers was raided by police about a week ago. Raluca Bejan speaks with academic and essayist George Souvlis about the political context.
Blog - Raluca Bejan July 2
Screenshot of web search for the word "whiteness"
Raluca Bejan | The presumption that there is a universal, global process of racial formation is conceptually and historically flawed.
Blog - Raluca Bejan May 15
As seen from Amzei Square. Photo: Raluca Bejan
Raluca Bejan | Transnational consumerism blends into unimaginable forms in Romania to populate the market.
Blog - Raluca Bejan February 27
Gillette packaging. Photo: Terry Donaghe/Flickr
Raluca Bejan | Corporations have always found ways to capitalize on the political climate. Now we're seeing Gillette and Canada Goose commodifying social justice to find new markets.
Blog - Raluca Bejan September 24
Raluca Bejan | The push for de-colonial education is oftentimes a matter of political performativity. So is the "benevolent" act of the compassionate agent who "allows" the colonized to tell their colonizing story.
Blog - Raluca Bejan July 24
Photo of Anwar Nillufary by Raluca Bejan
Raluca Bejan | That someone is kept in a country he did not choose, where one cannot access integration services and where availability of such services is limited, goes contrary to respecting refugees' needs.
Blog - Raluca Bejan August 24
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Mark Dixon
Raluca Bejan | Charlottesville is symbolically representative of the troubled state of the American society.
Blog - Raluca Bejan July 31
Syrian refugees protest at the platform of Budapest Keleti railway station. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Mstyslav Chernov​
Raluca Bejan | Last week, Advocate General Yves Bot dismissed the claims of Hungary and Slovakia against the EU refugee relocation scheme.
Blog - Raluca Bejan July 6
Anwar Nillufary
Raluca Bejan | On Friday, July 7, 2017, Anwar starts his 108th day of protest: 64 days of hunger strike plus 44 days of regular protest on the doorstep of the UNHCR in Athens.
Blog - Raluca Bejan April 8
Raluca Bejan | The soda company's new ad, which was pulled this week after a public outcry, shows that diversity and social activism can be sold like any other product.
Blog - Raluca Bejan March 31
Raluca Bejan | Shedding light onto Ivanka’s complicity takes away from the complicity of American people on the matter.
Blog - Raluca Bejan January 31
Photo credit Andreea-Iorga Curpan
Raluca Bejan | Trump's "Muslim ban" is about keeping and protecting jus sanguinis Americaness.
Blog - Raluca Bejan January 23
Raluca Bejan | Ideologically, we are not in an era where "pussy grabbing" could ever get institutionalized. Yet aggressive immigration enforcement and a registry of Muslim residents could be written into the law.
Blog - Raluca Bejan November 12
Raluca Bejan | A review of the "capital, debt, territory, utopia" exhibit hosted by the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin.
Blog - Raluca Bejan October 20
Image: Flickr/Ted Eytan
Raluca Bejan | If claims for equality, diversity and 'that kind of thing' are ideological, so is the position of ignoring them.
Blog - Raluca Bejan July 22
Melania Trump
Raluca Bejan | Cold War reminiscences are always about denigrating the former Soviet Bloc. Yet, despite the many faults of that system, education was not one of them.
Blog - Raluca Bejan June 25
Raluca Bejan | Brexit was not for the EU nor against it. It was about British citizens representing their common and shared belonging, and about the affirmation of such belonging.
Blog - Raluca Bejan June 9
Raluca Bejan | Hotel Dallas is a documentary addressing everything, anything and nothing in the same time.
Blog - Raluca Bejan May 30
Raluca Bejan | In a time where U.K. universities just registered up to £1 billion in budgetary surplus, the one per cent increase rejected by UCU does not even seem much of an increase.
Blog - Raluca Bejan January 20
Raluca Bejan | My thinking does not come from a comparative compromise to maleness. It comes from my own head. The head that situates itself above my shoulders and the head that I would like to keep straight.
Blog - Raluca Bejan December 11
Raluca Bejan | The People's Climate Summit, an alternative response to COP21, took place in Montreuil, Paris. It was hosted by Coalition Climat 21, a network of over 130 civil society organizations.
Blog - Raluca Bejan September 3
Raluca Bejan, Santiago Escobar | There is a clear need to evaluate our law-making and law-producing system vis-à-vis these ready-made ideas of "corporate veil," "corporate identity" and "corporate separateness."
Blog - Raluca Bejan August 20
Raluca Bejan | If we already consider sleeping around as immoral -- which we do -- how much chance do we actually have in moralizing this inherent derivative immorality?
Blog - Raluca Bejan August 6
Raluca Bejan | Tică came up with the ''Made in Roșia Montană'' idea of selling wool-made garments manually sewed by local women. Regular socks, yoga socks, cute hats and scarfs. Off-white, beige and grey.
Blog - Raluca Bejan July 23
Raluca Bejan | 'Privilege' stresses differences in the consequences and effects of power relations, without dismantling the differential logic that created (and continues to sustain) such unequal power relations.
Blog - Raluca Bejan July 4
Raluca Bejan | This is how it works. There are 300 tonnes of gold here. They will sell to a bigger company and they will come and try again.
Blog - Raluca Bejan July 1
Raluca Bejan | Democracy is finally coming. And we are lucky enough to witness it.
Blog - Raluca Bejan June 16
Image: Facebook/NAACP Spokane
Raluca Bejan | Questions about why Rachel Dolezal identified herself as a black woman should also be asked from a place of querying whiteness.
Blog - Raluca Bejan May 29
Image: pixabay/kheinz46
Raluca Bejan | Apparently women's lingerie is still the path to feminist liberation. Only this time thongs are out and full-bottomed underwear is in.