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Common Frontiers

Common Frontiers is a multi-sectoral working group that organizes research, educational campaigns and political action on issues related to hemispheric economic social and climate justice.
Blog - Common Frontiers May 13
Pictures form protests in Caracas, Venezuela. February 2014.
Jim Hodgson, Steve Stewart | The government of Canada should make clear its support for constitutional government, electoral democracy, and the rule of law in Venezuela.
Blog - Common Frontiers January 17
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Pete Souza
Common Frontiers | Revision to NAFTA's terms must have at its core the objective establishment of fair trade, not free trade, and economic relations based on social justice, sovereignty and sustainable development.
Blog - Common Frontiers November 5
Common Frontiers | On November 4th, Brazilian military and civilian police used violent force to storm the Landless Workers Movement's Florestan Fernandes National School in Guararema.
Blog - Common Frontiers March 14
Fernando Arce | Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the constituent office of the Ministry of International Trade in Toronto to condemn Canada's commercial involvement with Honduras.
Blog - Common Frontiers March 7
Raul Burbano | Condemn the assassination of Berta Cáceres, general coordinator and co-founder of the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras.
Blog - Common Frontiers December 9
Fernando Arce | If there was ever a need to stand in solidarity with the working-class masses and protagonists of the various progressive movements that have swept Latin America in this new century, it is now.
Blog - Common Frontiers November 18
Common Frontiers | Trade and investment agreements increase corporate power, erode state sovereignty, weaken democratic authority and are central to the neoliberal framework of privatization and deregulation.
Blog - Common Frontiers February 14
Raul Burbano | Common Frontiers condemns the attempted coup plot orchestrated by anti-government forces.
Blog - Common Frontiers May 22
Raul Burbano | The annual human rights impact assessment on the Canada-Colombia FTA does little to meet its obligation to analyze the effects of Canadian investment on human rights in Colombia.
Blog - Common Frontiers February 13
Common Frontiers | We call on the Canadian parliament to refrain from passing legislation to implement the Canada-Honduras FTA.
Blog - Common Frontiers January 24
Image: Flickr/justin berger
Mark Taliano | Reckless exploitation of resources by Goldcorp mine does not benefit Honduras or its population. It amounts to a sellout of valuable resources to the detriment of Canadian values and economy.
Blog - Common Frontiers December 13
Mark Taliano | Honduran sweatshop workers are basically slaves and their status will likely remain unchanged... Or get worse
Blog - Common Frontiers November 28
Mark Taliano | Canada, too, is enabling repression and persecution by recognizing the Honduran governance and by negotiating the corporate-empowering Canada-Honduras “free trade” agreement
Blog - Common Frontiers November 25
Common Frontiers | After careful consideration of our own observations of the electoral process in Honduras we find the presidential elections to be inconsistent with democratic principles and rife with fraud.
Blog - Common Frontiers November 19
Common Frontiers | An international network of human rights organizations will be sending 180 official election observers to Honduras from November 17-27 to observe the upcoming general election.
Blog - Common Frontiers November 18
Mark Taliano & Raul Burbano | Hondurans have experienced increased levels of violence since the coup and unprecedented levels of murder and criminalization of politicians, human rights advocates, labor activists and journalists
Blog - Common Frontiers November 5
Raul Burbano, Stacey Gomez | As Canadian-based civil society organizations working for social and environmental justice as well as human and labour rights, we strongly oppose the Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement.
Blog - Common Frontiers October 22
Common Frontiers | As the Canadian government prepares to sign the Honduras Free Trade Agreement this fall, a delegation from Canada is preparing to visit Honduras to engage with civil society groups.
Blog - Common Frontiers September 20
John Barber | The Conservative system is one in which victims of rights violations at the hands of Canadian corporations like Pacific Rubiales are prohibited from seeking redress and justice.
Blog - Common Frontiers September 16
Raul Burbano | Dozens of organizations question the Harbourfront's Pan American Food festival and their assocation with Pacific Rubiales Energy.
Blog - Common Frontiers September 7
Raul Burbano | Nationwide Agrarian Strike Against the 'Free Trade Agenda Rocks Colombia
Blog - Common Frontiers September 7
Raul Burbano | A delegation from Canadian will be heading to Honduras to support the electoral process and to witness first hand how Canadian investment and trade impacts local communities and human rights.