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Corvin Russell is an activist, writer, and translator based in Toronto. His current focus is Indigenous solidarity and environmental justice work.

Polls show pundits, bloggers useless

| October 2, 2008

If polls showing Stephane Dion to be the clear winner of the French language debate mean anything, at least one thing they mean is that pundits and bloggers are useless, given their dismissal of Dion and their heavy advance discounting of his performance. But then, I suppose, that would mean this blog post was as useless as the rest of them.

Also from the department of useless, wrong, and arrogant, where now are those vain columnists like Jeffrey Simpson who bayed for years at the previous Liberal regime to allow bank mega-mergers and deregulate Canadian finance so that it could “compete” at the global level? Are they now cataloguing and admitting their own follies? No, I didn’t think so. Instead they are serving up new dishes of smug and superior on the issues of the day. Well, here’s me dishing it right back out to them.