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Emma Pullman

Emma Pullman is a Vancouver-based writer, researcher and freelanced journalist. Her work has been featured in the [i]Huffington Post, Toronto Star, Canada.com,[/i] and [i]Vancouver Observer.[/i]
Blog - Emma Pullman November 14
Photo by Zack Embree.
Emma Pullman | Sam Harrison can't even vote yet, but he's already a force to be reckoned with. He'll be at the vangard of this week's action against oil tanker traffic on B.C.'s coast.
Blog - Emma Pullman November 4
Emma Pullman | It was a lively final day inside and outside the Conservative Party convention. One one side, the government fought labour, environment and public patrimony; on the other, the fight for democracy.
Blog - Emma Pullman July 10
Photo: Emma Pullman
Emma Pullman | The 4th Annual Healing Walk against the Tar Sands shows that the fight against the tar sands is a fight for the land, the water, and for those who can't speak for themselves.
Blog - Emma Pullman July 5
Emma Pullman | DeSmog.ca reported a release of bitumen emulsion, a mixture of heavy tar sands crude and water from in-ground oil production. Yet industry and government aren't answering any questions. Why?
Blog - Emma Pullman July 3
Photo: Emma Pullman
Emma Pullman | While many Canadians were celebrating the 146th anniversary of this country, Emma Pullman was reading about Treaties 6 and 8, which address the tar sands.
Blog - Emma Pullman July 2
Alice Rigney in Fort Chipewyan
Emma Pullman | Tar sands, cancer and becoming an Elder: stories from Fort Chipewyan Emma Pullman is writing stories from impacted communities on the front lines of the tar sands. Here is part two of a series.
Blog - Emma Pullman June 28
Emma Pullman | Emma Pullman is writing stories from impacted communities on the front lines of the tar sands in the lead up to the 4th Annual Healing Walk. Here is her first entry in this new series.
Blog - Emma Pullman January 20
Emma Pullman | Just over a week before the Northern Gateway Pipeline hearings began, Ethical Oil and its allies launched a pre-emptive PR offensive on environmental and First Nations groups who oppose the pipeline.
Blog - Emma Pullman January 16
Emma Pullman | As the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project Joint Review Panel begins, the tar sands front group EthicalOil.org has launched its latest PR offensive in support of the pipeline.
Blog - Emma Pullman October 27
Emma Pullman, Jamie Biggar | It took decades to get us into this mess -- let's be patient with the Occupy movement as it tries to help us find a way out.
Blog - Emma Pullman October 14
Emma Pullman | While Canadians on this side of the border prepare for Saturday's Occupy Canada actions, it has just been revealed that a Canadian company is trying to shut down the birthplace of the movement.
Blog - Emma Pullman September 7
Emma Pullman | Dear Oprah: I'm so stumped right now by your choice to feature ads from EthicalOil.org on your television network. There's nothing ethical about oil, no matter where it comes from.
Blog - Emma Pullman July 2
Emma Pullman | How does Canada export asbestos, a known carcinogenic to the developing world? The key is industry & government-backed lobbying on an international scale, with Canada at the helm.