Code Pink Canadian Delegations to Gaza

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In the latest efforts to break the siege on Gaza, Col. Ann Wright shares her observations in this blog as she an eight shift flotilla aiming to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza, and to open the borders. Following on the successful delegation of March 09 (which included rabble publisher, Kim Elliott), more than six further Code Pink delegations, including a delegation of Canadian Members of Parliament, traveled from Cairo to Gaza this summer to pressure the opening of Rafah border, and an end to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The border has effectively been closed since July 2007, when Israel imposed a blockade. Delegation members Kim Elliott, Sandra Ruch, Ehab Lotayef, Medea Benjamin, and Libby Davies have shared posts in this blog. For more on Code Pink's initiatives on Gaza, see: . In December 2009 Code Pink and other activists joined the Gaza Freedom March. Canadian delegates David Heap and Wendy Goldsmith blogged on rabble while joining more than a thousand activists from around the word in an international action to open the borders to Gaza. For details of this initiative see:
David Heap

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David Heap

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| June 6, 2010
Wendy Goldsmith

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| June 5, 2010
Monia Mazigh

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Cynthia McKinney: People of the world must end Israeli impunity

| May 31, 2010

Break the Israeli siege of Gaza or attack at sea, detention camps and deportation

| May 26, 2010
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