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Gerry Caplan's blog

Gerald Caplan has an MA in Canadian history and a Ph.D. in African history from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. He is an author, teacher, media commentator, and social and political activist with a lifelong commitment to African development. He is preoccupied with genocide and genocide prevention, particularly the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, about which he has frequently written. He has been a consultant on African development issues to many United Nations agencies as well as to the African Union. His latest book is called The Betrayal of Africa. He writes a weekly online column for the Globe and Mail.

Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog April 30
Gerry Caplan | It is satisfying that the world-wide campaign to reduce inequality by increasing taxation on the rich can finally record one success, right here in Ontario.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog April 16
Gerry Caplan | Most Canadians now know the answer to the question general Romeo Dallaire once asked thanks, unhappily, to one of history's great man-made tragedies.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog April 3
Gerry Caplan | Faithful readers will know that I've spent my adult life trying to get the NDP to be realistic about its modest status in Canadian life.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog March 27
Gerry Caplan | The wealthy really are different from everyone else: They're more likely to cheat, lie, and break the law.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog March 19
Gerry Caplan | In choosing its leader, the first thing a party like the NDP looks for -- a party of conviction and principle -- is someone who will make them feel proud of their ideals.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog March 12
Gerry Caplan | Despite Stephen Harper and Jean Charest, it appears increasingly likely Canada will export no more Quebec-mined asbestos to countries like India and Indonesia.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog March 5
Gerry Caplan | Robo-gate, considered by many to be a concerted (if so far unproven) assault on democracy, has opened wide the simmering debate about Stephen Harper and his cronies.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog February 27
Gerry Caplan | The entire world seems to be one huge advertisement for The Shock Doctrine.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog February 21
Gerry Caplan | Death and resurrection as public acts. Suicide and revival. The politician as phoenix. And all this on the part of the late Tim Hudak.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog February 6
Gerry Caplan | Initial steps towards the Conservatives' goals are well known. All of this began under a minority government. But we ain't seen nothing yet. Where does an unstoppable majority stop?
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog January 30
Gerry Caplan | The reckless escalation of aggression against Iran continues apace. The plausible result is an uncontrollable conflict that will spread throughout the Middle East and beyond.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog January 23
Gerry Caplan | "Frankly, it's doubtful the Liberals or Conservatives could field a group of eight such intelligent [leadership] candidates." No, these are not the words of Olivia or Ed or Roy.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog January 9
Gerry Caplan | The Harper government is about to create a new Office of Religious Freedom, designed to champion religious freedom around the world.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog December 23
Gerry Caplan | "Thick, unrelenting oppression touches every single aspect of life in Gaza," writes Dr. Abuelaish in his remarkable little book, I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog December 19
Gerry Caplan | Stephen Harper first became Prime Minister in 2006 and has already dramatically transformed the old Canada. But with no election due for four more years, we ain't seen nothing yet.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog December 10
Gerry Caplan | It is really only by appreciating the concept of creating your own reality that the deranged -- yet frighteningly effective -- escapades of the Republican Party can be remotely understood.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog December 5
Gerry Caplan | Those extremely generous African philanthropists are at it again. You'd think they'd be overwhelmed by compassion fatigue after all these centuries of enriching the rich Western world.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog November 25
Gerry Caplan | It is deeply regrettable that Iran may one day join the not-so-exclusive club of nations that possess nuclear weapons. But I don't see how the world convinces Iran it's not entitled to such weapons.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog November 19
Gerry Caplan | The excitement is palpable, inescapable. It's no exaggeration to say that no one can recall such exhilaration. And why not? The Natural Governing Party is on its way back, and not a moment too soon.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog November 11
Gerry Caplan | The United States might be drowning in debt but it's spending enough on its military-security complex to fix the crisis and save us all from economic Armageddon. There are priorities, after all.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog November 7
Gerry Caplan | Forget Prof. Stephen Pinker's more secure world. Forget the rational route -- drastically slashing the American armed forces. The military industrial complex -- nothing gets in its way.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog October 28
Gerry Caplan | Can leadership candidates ever not hate each other? At the risk of giving the punch line away too early and spoiling the entire column, the answer is "probably not."
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog October 15
Gerry Caplan | It is well known that Harper has long felt CBC TV was ready for a radical makeover. Eliminating its public subsidy was one alternative. But a series of coincidences led him to his new inspiration.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog October 12
Gerry Caplan and Amanda Grzyb | Has the revolution finally arrived? Chances are you hadn't heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement three weeks ago, when a few hundred activists first occupied a park in Manhattan.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog October 10
Gerry Caplan | Don't be fooled by all the analysts. Dalton McGuinty is king of Ontario. Whether or not he finally gets the magic 54 seats required for a formal majority, the province is his.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog October 5
Gerry Caplan | This Ontario election sounds a lot like the scenario in 1985 that led to the unprecedented and never-repeated Accord -- capital A -- between David Peterson's Liberals and Bob Rae's NDP.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog October 1
Gerry Caplan | There will be no Israeli-Palestinian spring. At the United Nations, Israel's closest allies are once again assuring the nation a future of isolation, insecurity and irreconcilable internal division.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog September 23
Gerry Caplan | Union influence within the NDP has slipped away over the years, and it was probably only a matter of time before separation proceedings were instituted.
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog September 16
Gerry Caplan | Just as the technique of politicians is to fake sincerity, so the skill of the pundit is to fake intelligence. But what happens when pundits can't even pretend to have a clue about what's going on?
Blog - Gerry Caplan's blog September 9
Gerry Caplan | Ten years after the trauma of 9/11, the richest 1 per cent of Americans earn as much as the bottom 60 per cent and have as much wealth as the bottom 90 per cent. But you ain't seen nothing yet.