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Our Warming World

Our Warming World looks at the everyday ways environmental change is impacting Canadians. From the effects of global warming on tourism to aquatic osteoporosis in Canada's lakes, this series looks at all the little ways in which we interact with our changing natural world.

Blog - Our Warming World April 22
A Yellow-bellied sapsucker. Source: Fyn Kynd Photography, via Flickr.
Jen Halsall | The spring migration is already underway for Canada's migratory birds, and the stakes are high. Lured by city lights or confused by glass, many will end the journey as feathery lumps on the pavement.
Blog - Our Warming World April 7
Jen Halsall | Peregrine falcons have returned to Ontario, rebounding dramatically from their complete extirpation in the 1960s. But why are they doing so well? It's a case of country bird and city bird.
Blog - Our Warming World March 31
Jen Halsall | Warm winter weather has hastened the maple sugar harvest this year, and boiling operations have been well underway in most of the province. But weather isn't the only influence on syrup's flavour.
Blog - Our Warming World March 25
Source: Flickr, Katsura Miyamoto
Jen Halsall | It's one of Canada's greatest biological mysteries: Swallows, swifts, and other insect-eaters are vanishing by the thousands -- and scientists are struggling to uncover the cause.
Blog - Our Warming World March 17
Jen Halsall | Illegal harvesting and habitat loss are devastating the world's cactus populations, and there's no end in sight. They're now the fifth most threatened species group on the IUCN red list.
Blog - Our Warming World March 10
Flickr: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Jen Halsall | Warm winters are giving winter ticks a leg up on Canada's beleaguered moose populations. It's just one of many advantages that are overwhelming them, leading to significant losses.
Blog - Our Warming World March 4
Flickr: Renato Lorini
Jen Halsall | Warmer weather isn't just shortening the skating season -- it's posing significant challenges for Winterlude organizers and winter vendors on the Rideau Canal.
Blog - Our Warming World February 26
Jen Halsall | Acid rain may have decreased in recent years, but Ontario's lakes are still struggling with its legacy. This time, the threat is calcium deficiency, and it's devastating some well-known species.