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Jessica is the founder and Executive Director of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network that works across issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice throughout the United States and Canada.
Jessica Yee

Minister apologizes to Inuit for forced arctic relocation

| August 25, 2010
Jessica Yee

So when does an issue become feminist?

| May 5, 2010
Jessica Yee

Condoms, polar bears and reproduction. Any rights?

| April 26, 2010
Jessica Yee

Women get shit done -- at the Global Indigenous Women's Caucus that is!

| April 20, 2010
Jessica Yee

Indigenous feminisms and resources -- without apology and more

| April 15, 2010
Jessica Yee

Five Native myths you really oughta know about

| April 9, 2010
Jessica Yee

The niqab ban is a feminist issue

| April 8, 2010
Jessica Yee

Thanks Hillary -- but no thanks about the war and military part

| April 7, 2010
Jessica Yee

What I'm riding for this year -- on horse -- during my anti-colonial holiday season

| December 21, 2009
Jessica Yee

The next generation -- and what women sometimes forget -- on December 6th

| December 6, 2009
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