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John Bonnar's

John Bonnar is an independent journalist covering social justice events in and around Toronto through print, photo, audio, video and slideshows.

You can connect with him on Facebook (John Bonnar) or on Twitter at @johnb98 or on YouTube at johnb98.

Blog - John Bonnar's June 2
John Bonnar | The Canadian coordinator of the Gaza Freedom March and three other activists ended their 30 hour hunger strike at 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.
Blog - John Bonnar's June 1
John Bonnar | Black-clad commandos rappelled down from helicopters. Naval vessels surrounded and boarded aid and cargo ships. People were screaming. Shots were fired.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 28
John Bonnar | Jenny Peto stood outside the legislature at Queen's Park on Wednesday and denounced Premier McGuinty's trip to Israel.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 27
John Bonnar | Tracy Heffernan climbed onto a bench in front of the Superior Court of Ontario and held up a document calling on the federal and provincial governments to stop violating the Canadian Charter.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 26
John Bonnar | The Toronto Pride Board of Directors voted last week to forbid the use of the term "Israeli Apartheid" at this year's Pride Parade.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 20
John Bonnar | A coalition of concerned individuals and organizations said Tuesday that Bill 94 further entrenches gender inequality, marginalizing and isolating Muslim women who wear niqab.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 16
John Bonnar | Five months after being fired, Gaetan Heroux still hasn’t given up hope of regaining his job as an ID worker at Neighbourhood Link and returning to his office on Sherbourne Street.
Blog - John Bonnar's May 6
John Bonnar | A recent article in the Sun claimed that bike racks on buses are "rarely used" but didn't say why. So rabble.ca went looking for answers from Toronto area cyclists. Read the responses here.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 30
John Bonnar | Health care workers said hiring decisions should be based solely on experience and qualifications and urged the Ontario Hospital Association to reach a negotiated settlement with its employees.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 29
John Bonnar | A single mother will be evicted from her home at the end of the month unless the City reverses its decision to cut off her social assistance benefits.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 28
John Bonnar | Concerned groups in the Hamilton area descended on Queen's Park Tuesday, demanding the Ontario government stop the "claw back" of the Ontario Child Benefit from social assistance recipients.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 17
John Bonnar | Anti-poverty activists gathered Thursday for a rally demanding an increase to welfare rates, before marching to an Ontario government building to protest the elimination of the Special Diet Allowance.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 10
John Bonnar | Several organizations and individuals said the Canadian and Ontario governments still aren’t doing enough to prevent mercury poisoning among Grassy Narrows residents.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 8
John Bonnar | Waving signs and sounding noisemakers, a few hundred protesters rallied at the Royal York Hotel Wednesday morning to protest cuts they say will eventually lead to privatized healthcare in Ontario.
Blog - John Bonnar's April 3
John Bonnar | Members of the newly formed Immigration Network took a swipe at Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s proposed immigration reforms Wednesday at a press conference in downtown Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 28
John Bonnar | Five years ago, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty started holding clinics to help people apply for the Special Diet Allowance. On Thursday, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan eliminated the benefit.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 15
John Bonnar | A new study showed that customers who arrived on foot, by transit or on bikes visited more often and reported spending more money than those who drove.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 10
John Bonnar | The entry into a downtown Toronto shelter by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) on February 27 brought a renewed demand for prompt action from the Shelter | Sanctuary | Status Coalition.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 7
John Bonnar | See photos from the International Women's Day march held in Toronto.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 1
John Bonnar | The Ontario Student Assistance Plan hasn't updated its needs assessment model to reflect the current cost of living for students, according to an Ontario student advocacy group.
Blog - John Bonnar's March 1
John Bonnar | The CF61 will remain on the picket line until they get a favourable ruling from the Ontario Labour Relations Board. But the picket, in its ninth month, is approaching a crossroads.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 26
John Bonnar | NDP MPP and Employment Standards Critic Cheri DiNovo earlier this week criticized the McGuinty government for its "lack of action on workplace safety."
Blog - John Bonnar's February 23
John Bonnar | Twelve public hearings have been scheduled next month by the Ontario Health Coalition to address concerns about local services in northern and rural hospitals.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 22
John Bonnar | TTC union president Bob Kinnear called former McGuinty cabinet member David Caplan's private member's bill a pathetic political ploy.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 21
John Bonnar | A new report shows that Ontario’s coal-free generation capacity now exceeds our peak day demands, making it possible to eliminate the province’s coal plants before the G20 Summit at the end of June.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 20
John Bonnar | “This report is astoundingly biased and superficial in its analysis and should not be accorded any degree of credibility,” said Toby Sanger, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Senior Economist.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 16
John Bonnar | More than 300 people gathered Sunday outside police headquarters in Toronto for a rally calling for greater public awareness and an end to the battering and slaying of native women.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 13
John Bonnar | Across the country, many businesses have gone bankrupt, some industries are in severe decline and permanent jobs have been replaced with part-time or temporary ones at a much lower rate of pay.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 11
John Bonnar | People in prison suffer at least 10 to 20 times higher rates of HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection than the population as a whole, a human rights group said last Tuesday.
Blog - John Bonnar's February 10
John Bonnar | Responding to what they called a recent avalanche of media-fuelled criticism, ATU Local 113 called Tuesday for a series of town hall meetings with TTC customers.