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Ehab Lotayef is a writer and poet from Montreal. He is a Muslim Canadian of Egyptian origin. By training, Ehab is an electrical engineer working at McGill University. Ehab has been socially and politically active for decades: as the chairperson of the Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy, a coordinator with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, a VP of the Canadian Arab Federation among other involvements in civil society. His writings span from political analysis, opinion and commentaries to fiction, theatre and poetry.

Blog - Reflections March 20
Protesters hold anti-Sisi signs. Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr
Ehab Lotayef | If 2011 saw a Facebook revolution that brought the downfall of one dictator, the 2018 internet elections can bring down another.
Blog - Reflections January 22
Message of support in French and English to the muslim community on the front door of Centre islamique de Verdun (4538, rue de Verdun, Montréal), in the Verdun borough of Montreal on 20 February 2017, in the aftermath of the Quebec City mosque shooting. Image: Fredisonfire/flickr
Ehab Lotayef | If civil rights movements wait for the politicians, nothing will change.
Blog - Reflections May 24
Image: Flickr/The White House
Ehab Lotayef | Trump may be able to forge a Middle-East "peace" deal, but will it bring peace?
Blog - Reflections April 7
Justin Trudeau in 2013
Ehab Lotayef | There is a big difference between P. E. Trudeau's profound vision of Electoral Reform and Proportional Representation and Justin Trudeau's way of tackling the issue, which leaves a lot to be desired.
Blog - Reflections February 4
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drafts his statement following the terrorist attac
Ehab Lotayef | Electoral reform that "makes every vote count" strengthens minorities. Yet it is abandoned at the same time the Muslim minority is told it would be heard.
Blog - Reflections January 31
Ehab Lotayef | I did not pray at a mosque last night, but I easily could have. I am not in Quebec City, but a sick-minded xenophobe from Montreal could as easily have attacked a mosque here.
Blog - Reflections November 30
Image: Facebook/Maryam Monsef
Ehab Lotayef | It seems that the Liberals are looking for ways to trivialize the work of the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform.
Blog - Reflections November 23
Ehab Lotayef | You need not give the order to be guilty, all you need do is... Hate