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Folks Gotta Eat

The purpose of Folks Gotta Eat is to filter and curate stories, articles, projects and policies related to food security. Because the issues are complex, and Folks Gotta Eat...
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat October 23
Melanie Redman | The McDonald's McRib is back to directly confront democratic participation!
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat October 11
Melanie Redman | New public service announcement-style videos are emerging that equate feeding children junk food as child abuse.
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat September 27
Melanie Redman | Food resistance is encouraged, but make sure you're prepared.
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat September 18
Melanie Redman | Recently revealed documents expose Monsanto for contracting services from Blackwater.
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat August 30
Melanie Redman | The film "King Corn" brings enlightenment to the issues surrounding commodity corn production.
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat August 22
Melanie Redman | Here are some tips for eating organic on modest means.
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat August 14
Melanie Redman | The Open Everything movement has found a home in farming -- enter Open Data in agriculture.
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat July 31
Melanie Redman | Canadian prisons are at risk for losing their farm programs, but citizens are fighting back.
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat July 18
Melanie Redman | Some folks in Pittsburgh are serving up knowledge at Conflict Kitchen.
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat July 10
Melanie Redman | Nestle has launched a "floating supermarket" on the Brazilian Amazon. What next?
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat June 18
Melanie Redman | A new report opens with a striking declaration that counters what many of us think about Canadian water: "Canada's apparent water abundance masks a looming scarcity challenge."
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat June 17
Melanie Redman | The Canadian Water Summit begins today and brings together businesses, public sector leaders, municipal planners, civil society and citizens to talk about the present and future of Canadian water.
Blog - Folks Gotta Eat May 31
Melanie Redman | Have you ever read an article or report about food safety and come away thinking, "What the hell am I supposed to eat then?" A new article lists "7 Foods So Unsafe Even Farmers Won't Eat Them."