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Mel Watkins's blog

Mel Watkins is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Political Science at the University of Toronto. He is Editor Emeritus of [i]This Magazine[/i] and a frequent contributor to [i]Peace[/i] magazine. He is a member of Pugwash Canada and former President of Science for Peace. Watkins is recipient of the 2008 inaugural Galbraith Prize in Economics and Social Justice awarded by the [url=http://www.progressive-economics.ca/author/mel-watkins/]Progressive Economics Forum.[/url]

Blog - Mel Watkins's blog December 2
Mel Watkins | How about a wall to keep the bearers of bad ideas out?
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog November 1
 (University of Toronto/Mark Neil Balson)
Mel Watkins | Mel Watkins pays tribute to a mammoth figure in the study of technology, Urusula Franklin, who passed away earlier this year.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog August 25
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Mel Watkins | It's hard for a non-American to make any criticism of America that hasn't been made by an American.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog August 11
Image: Flickr/Gage Skidmore
Mel Watkins | NAFTA was a disaster foretold, economically and politically. Both Bill Clinton and Jean Chretien promised to oppose it and then signed on anyway. Now those chickens have come home to Trump.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog July 13
Image: Flickr/Philippe Rouzet
Mel Watkins | Canadian "experts" should take note of the powerful message those most negatively affected by austerity politics just sent to their "betters" in Britain.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog May 19
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Mel Watkins | Alberta was stuck in a 'staple trap': an economic monoculture where a single, profitable resource dominates the economy at the expense of diversification. The NDP can finally bust out of it.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog May 5
Mel Watkins | Abe Rotstein was known for his constant challenge to conventional wisdom, his beautiful writing and his devilish puns.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog May 1
Mel Watkins | In her new book, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin studies the development of investigative journalism and progressive politics in the U.S., faciliated by the availability of cheap paper from Canada.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog February 28
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Mel Watkins | There can be no greater threat to democracy, Mel Watkins argues, than the devastating atomic bomb. Don't stop worrying: take a moment to speak out for their abolition.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog February 3
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Mel Watkins | The time has come to do an impact assessment of the impact assessment of the Keystone pipeline.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog January 17
Mel Watkins | Thinking about how the media affect us and the world around us has been something of a Canadian specialty. Clive Thompson talks about the positive effects of new communications technology.
Blog - Mel Watkins's blog October 8
Image: Fernwood Publishing
Mel Watkins | The much respected progressive economist, and my long-time friend and intellectual soulmate, Kari Polanyi-Levitt, having just turned 90, has published a book of no less than 16 scholarly articles.