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Mercedes Allen is a graphic designer and advocate for transsexual and transgender communities in Alberta. She writes on equality, human rights, LGBT and sexual minority issues in Canada, and the cross-border pollination of far-right spin. She blogs at Dented Blue Mercedes and operates a trans information website at
Mercedes Allen

'Fair elections' and ending impartial voter drives

| April 3, 2014
Mercedes Allen

Six answers for the public consultation on sex work

| March 13, 2014
Mercedes Allen

On the Detention of Trans People

| March 7, 2014
Mercedes Allen

Across the left divide over sex work.

| March 6, 2014
Mercedes Allen

Uganda passes its Anti-Homosexuality Bill

| December 20, 2013
Mercedes Allen

The difficulties in remembering Rosa

| December 16, 2013
Mercedes Allen

Janice Raymond, and healing old wounds

| December 2, 2013
Mercedes Allen

Trans kids, washrooms and the new harassment

| October 24, 2013
Mercedes Allen

Leaving High River

| October 9, 2013
Mercedes Allen

REAL Women of Canada, and the naked far-right truth

| August 13, 2013
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