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Sabotaging Democracy

Because the 'robocalls' fraud of our 2011 election was insufficiently investigated by state authorities and underreported by the corporate media, Canadians have yet to understand its scale, focus, and impact. Michael Keefer's essays show how the Harper Tories stole a parliamentary majority through vote suppression in 2011--and how they now hope to repeat the trick.

Blog - Sabotaging Democracy November 30
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Michael Keefer | Michael Keefer surveys his personal memories of the Marais district in Paris -- and also the sometimes violent history of the quartier.
Blog - Sabotaging Democracy October 18
Image: Flickr/pmwebphotos
Michael Keefer | This essay provides additional evidence of investigative slackness, and then analyzes the Harper Conservatives' continued involvement in telephone fraud and vote suppression.
Blog - Sabotaging Democracy October 15
Image: Twitter
Michael Keefer | This entry analyzes major errors in Elections Canada's investigation of the vote-suppression fraud in Guelph.
Blog - Sabotaging Democracy October 14
Former Minister of Trade for Sport and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands Gary Lunn
Michael Keefer | This entry discusses the non-investigation of robocalls fraud in the 2008 election and some of the errors made in the 2011 investigation in Guelph.
Blog - Sabotaging Democracy October 7
Photo: Flickr/Adam Scotti
Michael Keefer | This entry shows that the calls were targeted and that Elections Canada was aware of their source.
Blog - Sabotaging Democracy September 24
Image: Twitter
Michael Keefer | The harassment and misinformation robocalls from the 2011 election had a common source in Tory machinations.
Blog - Sabotaging Democracy September 9
Michael Sona and Stephen Harper, in happier times.
Michael Keefer | In this second article in the series, we encounter evidence that the "robocalls" voter suppression involved a total of more than 1.1 million fraudulent harassment and misinformation calls.
Blog - Sabotaging Democracy September 8
Photo: flickr/ Chris Yakimov
Michael Keefer | This first article in a series comments on the manner in which media pundits and officials responsible for enforcing the law have minimized the Conservative electoral fraud scandal.