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Watch critical coverage of the U.S. election tonight with Democracy Now!

| November 6, 2012
Watch critical coverage of the U.S. election tonight with Democracy Now!

Looking for some critical coverage of today's U.S. election that includes progressive voices? 

Democracy Now! has what you're looking for, and here at rabble.ca we are helping amplify DN!'s Election 2012 coverage. 

You can watch the Democracy Now! Election Night Special right here, running from 7p.m. to 1a.m. Eastern time. 

They will be reporting breaking results as well as hosting roundtable discussions and interviews with journalists, scholars, activists and much more.

Of course, babble is the place to discuss the U.S. election and its implications for politics in Canada. Check out some of the conversation that is underway already -- and join in! 

Watch live streaming video from democracynow at livestream.com



Remarkable coverage from Democracy Now! Al-Jazeera has some diverse voices on offering commentary as well, including Glenn Greenwald. 

Too bad I'm working during the time, will get the Obama victory for sure, then back to repression of activist groups like Obama is also known for. His interests in Wall st will resume and Occupy Wall St will have to work despite this. 

Where is the future headed? Do people now think Obama will return to any of his former promises left unfulfilled? Let's not get too caught up in the month of October showing an increase in employment, its a minor, very insignificant consideration. Plus is growth in GDP within the commodity market really a good measure of growth in a society that really needs investments in future industries that will be sustainable and competitive on that basis long into the future? These questions and more for a president that will only delay and delay this crisis, that for example in terms of the housing crisis  and depreciation is that it is capable of going on indefinitely for 30 years or more andn that Japan is a great example of this. 

How will Obama really improve the situation of AMericans? He has done next to nothing to enforce sharper regulation of market activity and operations like the SEC's investigation of fraud on this point. The banks have been able to grow bigger and we are cautious of another hit to the economy from these teetering enterprises. This will be under Obama's watch, and we shall see where he leads us here. 



This is great


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