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G8/G20 Communique: Government reveals your $1 billion G8/G20 price tag

| September 24, 2010

Here is some of what your $1 billion taxpayer dollars paid for:

--$43,179 for a "running gear entanglement system" (a special gun fires a line of high-tensile rope into the path of an oncoming boat. The rope snags the boat's propeller and stalls the engine. This was to protect world leaders from attack during the G8 meetings in Huntsville.

--$100,800 for Sabre 4000 detectors, which can detect explosives, chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

--$37,265 for "under-vehicle surveillance systems."

--$4.4 million for a security fence.

--$14,409 for glow sticks.

--$31,390 for flag polls.

--$246,000 for the green wall inside the Direct Energy Centre.

--Millions of dollars for hotels in and around Toronto, including $1.1 million for accommodations at the Crown Plaza Toronto Airport.

--$85,313 for rooms and food at Yorkdale's Park Hyatt hotel.

--$274,000 for computers.

--$138,446 for a "digital pen system."

--$23,100 for a "Tactical Thermal Night Vision Video Camera."

--$23,100 for a Panasonic HD TV.

--$74,898 for defibrillators.

--+$2.5 million for chartered buses.

--$85,571 for first aid kits, tactical medical kits and mass casualty kits.

--$266,257 for new cameras, include high-end Nikon D300s.

--$1,399 for 4GB memory sticks.

--$13,061 for police notebooks.

--$16,014 for flex cuffs, used on people detained by officers.

--$18,436 for "fireballs," dashboard lights used in police cruisers.

--$315,000 for "high-end" furniture.

--$420,000 for "standard" furniture.

--$702,597 for the rental of two-way radios.

--$17, 275 for snacks from places like the Pickle Barrel.

--$333,831 for "personal outdoor kits" which included sun screen, insect repellent and hand sanitizer.

--$13,384 for headgear and umbrellas.

--$207,900 for solar lighting.

--$12,747 for sun, rain and bug shelters and some coolers.

--$14,306 for bug jackets.

--$28,259 for a personal water craft.

--$439,186 for portable toilets.

--$9,730 for "Police Dog Service Equipment" from Pet Klean Inc.


If you think that $1 billion could have been better spent, please post your suggestions in the comment section below.




yo, considering we bought 500 glowsticks for $100 for a unserved action during the G20, that about 20 cents a glowstick... i tell you this to note the glowstick market at the time...

by my math they should have 72 045 glowsticks...

i would say that the cogs were actually planning on throwing the worlds largest glowstick rave, but their organzing abilities fell through (i mean did you see the police response...)

Demand 4 from AW@L's statement on G20 Policing:
4. Have all new weapons that were acquired for G20 "security" returned and put all funds towards the families of those who have experienced the most brutal of police actions. This includes the families of Junior Manon, Robert Dziekanski, Fredy Villanueva, Dudley George, and others who have had family members murdered by racist, sexist, ableist, and homophobic police forces.





Yeah...How about family doctors,social and/or affordable housing,job/trade training,public and post secondary education,iniatives to fight homelessness including funding for mental health,youth programs,youth hostiles,youth activities including organized sports and the arts and guaranteeing a roof over one's head and food on the table.

Of course,that is marxism,socialism,maoism,communisim,nazism...(or any other 'scary' ism you'd like to pick)

Everybody knows and sadly,everyone seems to agree,that taxes should be exclusively paying for the military,the police and prisons with a bottomless pit of public funds and no fear of an astronomical debt (after all,those lucky enough to work can pay for it..Plus funding the cushy endless tax breaks to the top 10% income earners)

You see,we can't have the 'seperatists' and the 'socialists' spending hard earned tax dollars on programs that render this country a second rate socialist state.

This is the 21st Century...The dawning of the greed fest corporate revolution.

A beautiful neocon Utopia where the Corporate Warlords profits are protected at any and all costs through ruthless policies that guarantee endless increases of personal exclusive wealth.

It's capitalism,baby.

There is no money in the kitty for anything but police,prisons and war.

Oh..and glow sticks,of course.

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