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The Views Expressed

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Blog - The Views Expressed May 21
Fast food. Photo: SteFou!/Flickr
Ed Finn | The big corporations that grow, process, refine, salt-and-sugar-stuff, calorie-maximize, and sell the foods that make us sick derive enormous profits from doing so.
Blog - The Views Expressed May 17
Street sign with mother and child crossing the street. Image: barnimages.com/Flickr
Svea Vikander | As the holes in our social safety net widen, societies and governments task mothers with near total responsibility for the safety and well-being of their children.
Blog - The Views Expressed May 15
Nakba graffiti in Nazereth. Photo: PRA/Wikimedia Commons
Robert Massoud | Around the world, May 15 is commemorated as Nakba Day. It is the simmering conflict which has tainted 70 years of the world's evolution and interfered with the resolution of many of its problems.
Blog - The Views Expressed May 14
Image: Climate Justice Edmonton/Facebook
Emma Jackson, Paige Gorsak | As young people living in Alberta, we know what it feels like to be forced to cast a ballot for an unlivable future. And we refuse to do it again.
Blog - The Views Expressed April 17
Bank of Canada. Photo: d.neuman/Flickr
Ed Finn | Most Canadians are not aware that, prior to 1975, the construction of major public facilities, as well as the provision of social programs, were funded by interest-free loans from the Bank of Canada.
Blog - The Views Expressed April 11
Protesting against the Ford Conservatives' planned cuts to education. Photo: Mary Crandall/Flickr
Jason Kunin | The government's announcement that it will raise average class sizes in secondary schools is a variation on an old trick: distract people with one hand while you pick their pocket with the other.
Blog - The Views Expressed April 10
Equipment in doctor's office. Photo: Morgan/Flickr
Ed Finn | As long as cancers are profitable and health unprofitable, prevention will be neglected, confined mainly to advising patients not to smoke or gain weight while they continue to be assailed by toxins.
Blog - The Views Expressed April 4
Image: Mr.Kitsadakron Pongha/Flickr
Justin Piché | While Ontario kids are facing an avalanche of austerity, Doug Ford is set to follow through with previously announced infrastructure projects that will expand the province's human caging capacity.
Blog - The Views Expressed April 3
Statue of Giordano Bruno in Campo dei Fiori. Photo: Livioandronico2013/Wikimedia Commons
Ed Finn | Today's corporate hierarchy fears those who challenge its "free market" ideology, but the "church" of the modern ruling elite has no need for the stake. Its version of the Inquisition is more subtle.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 28
Photo: Jody Wilson-Raybould/Facebook
Michelle Weinroth | Political truth has been a casualty in the Jody Wilson-Raybould affair, rendered virtually inaudible in the midst of the media-staged drama that has consumed us over the past few weeks.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 28
Early photograph of Hornsea Lifeboat. Photo: Bradford Timeline/Flickr
Ed Finn | The passengers in a leaky lifeboat can't logically be divided into winners and losers. Either they all win, or they all lose.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 27
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with journalists during a press conference at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Peter Rosenthal | The more we learn about the SNC-Lavalin affair the more important it becomes to investigate the possibility that the PM and others committed criminal offences in the course of protecting SNC-Lavalin.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 19
Candles outside the Al Huda Mosque, New Zealand. Photo: Mark McGuire/Flickr
Azeezah Kanji | In the Christchurch massacre and its aftermath, two forms of racism have been put on display: a far-right Islamophobia that kills Muslims and a mainstream Islamophobia that normalizes the deaths.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 8
Miranda Gallo | Amidst revelations of alleged political interference on the SNC-Lavalin file, and the bullying of former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, our "feminist" PM's true colours are beginning to show.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 7
Cam Fenton, Aurore Fauret, Atiya Jaffar, Clayton Thomas-Muller, Katie Perfitt, Jennifer Deol, Emma Jackson | A Green New Deal for Canada must work in service of real reconciliation with Indigenous peoples while enshrining dignity, justice, and equity for all.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 6
SNC-Lavalin sign. Photo: Jeangagnon/Wikimedia Commons
Ed Finn | Once saved from both its financial and law-breaking predicaments, surely SNC-Lavalin would have no reason to lay off workers. That was the Trudeau government's implied assumption.
Blog - The Views Expressed March 1
SNC Lavalin Headquarters in Montreal. Photo: Jeangagnon/Wikimedia Commons
Ed Finn | SNC-Lavalin had every reason to expect a rescue from a political party whose election campaigns it had so generously funded, and with whom it had developed such a long and cozy relationship.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 25
Image: PowerShift Canada/Facebook
Raagini Appadurai | "Today, I am reminded that 'if you still got breath, it's your time.' And we're coming." Reflections on the youth climate justice movement from a PowerShift convergence participant.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 20
Photo: Rachel Docherty/Flickr
Ed Finn | Corporate barbarism has intensified on a colossal scale, to the point of endangering the very sustainability of human life on the planet. The scourges of poverty and inequality run even more rampant.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 18
Shahroze Khan | If Canada is going to be a progressive leader at the international level, we need stronger and bolder leadership on Palestine. Canada needs an Ilhan Omar -- a prominent progressive voice on Palestine.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 15
Prescription bottles. Photo: Airman Valerie Monroy/U.S. Air Force/Wikimedia Commons
Ed Finn | If Canadian voters vociferously demand that all the contending candidates and parties make pharmacare an unbreakable priority in the 2019 federal election, it may really become a reality next year.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 4
Photo: Beatrice Murch/Flickr
Yves Engler | From a defeated interventionist resolution at the Organization of American States to the fact the Lima Group was established less than two years ago, news surrounding Venezuela is underreported.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 1
Photo: Tim J Keegan/Flickr
Ed Finn | Rules of corporate governance make moves to slow climate change impossible. Perhaps we can only hope that humankind’s extinction will be forestalled by the too-long-delayed extinction of capitalism.
Blog - The Views Expressed January 31
Albert Koehl, Michael Black | Many large cities in Europe no longer passively accept the casualty toll inflicted by trucks. They are adopting measures to improve pedestrian and cycling traffic.
Blog - The Views Expressed December 17
Photo: Image from kohl_photographer via Flickr.
Alex Sangha | There is a distinction to be made between being spiritual and religious. But how does God fit in? What unites us and divides us as a people? The concept of spirituality can lead to more caring, compas
Blog - The Views Expressed December 10
Photo: Coastal Elite
Barâa Arar | Statistics Canada’s recent report on hate crimes illustrates the increase in these racially motivated incidents. The challenge now is to develop an approach to combat this hatred.
Blog - The Views Expressed December 10
John Foster | Bitumen from the oilsands is costly to extract, upgrade, and refine, and difficult to clean up. These issues won't go away even if we build more pipelines in Canada.
Blog - The Views Expressed December 7
Ed Finn | Reading is important. It’s that simple. If you doubt it, ask the question: Could a country that had widely read Huckleberry Finn have taken Donald J. Trump seriously for a second?
Blog - The Views Expressed November 26
Christianne Boudreau
Rick Sterling | In 2014, Christianne Boudreau’s son was killed fighting with ISIS in Syria. After his death, she became an advocate for counter extremism. In 2016, her passport was revoked.
Blog - The Views Expressed November 23
Photo courtesy of Raluca Bejan
Open letter | In an open letter, students from St. Thomas University in Fredericton ask government to remedy the housing shortage that is so clearly evident by the tent city that has sprung up in the urban centre.