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The Views Expressed

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Blog - The Views Expressed August 18
Elementary school students. Photo: Government of Prince Edward Island/flickr
Benjamin Doxtdator | Tom Bennett, who is the keynote at this week's Leadership Conference for educators, has connections to very troubling claims about links between student performance, race, and the heritability of IQ.
Blog - The Views Expressed August 18
A group of Métis women and children in Alberta circa 1931
Debra Huron | Neither I nor Joseph Boyden can squirm our way into being Métis by means of a DNA test or a laminated card in our wallets.
Blog - The Views Expressed August 16
The shoreline of Georgian Bay near Killarney, ON, where the author's family is from.
Debra Huron | How I learned that Métis identity is a historical and cultural category that can't be defined by a DNA test alone.
Blog - The Views Expressed August 14
Prime Minister Trudeau attends National Aboriginal Day Sunrise Ceremony. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Hans Rollman | Want to get a few billion dollars from Justin Trudeau? All you need is to be a white-settler-dominated provincial government, with a haphazard plan to build an energy mega-project.
Blog - The Views Expressed August 9
Image: Flickr/joeandsarah
Matt Chilliak | In the last three years, homelessness has increased not only in downtown Vancouver but also in its outlying suburbs. So far there has been little response from local politicians.
Blog - The Views Expressed August 4
Blue Jays game. Photo: lechuckster/flickr
Erin Kobayashi | This story shows a news outlet choosing to dedicate space to humanize an aggressive white fan rather than to write more constantly and critically about the dehumanization of people of colour.
Blog - The Views Expressed August 3
Image: Flickr/SOPHOCO - santaorosia photographic collectivity
Ed Finn | Even when it leads to gross inequality and global financial crises, the conviction that unregulated capitalism is the best possible economic system remains deeply embedded in Canada.
Blog - The Views Expressed August 1
Carmela Hutchison | Women with disabilities do not necessarily seek medically assisted death because they are disabled, but because they aren't valued by the medical establishment or by society.
Blog - The Views Expressed July 24
Breanna Ho | Students from the University of Alberta were one of many groups that mobilized on Khadr's behalf over five years ago.
Blog - The Views Expressed July 18
Ed Finn | The crucial connection between nutrition and wellness isn't emphasized enough by the medical establishment, leaving us to take matters into our own hands.
Blog - The Views Expressed July 14
Patty Hajdu, Minister for Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, Canadaaddresses the session "Women and the Future of Work." Photo: UN Women/flickr
Patty Hajdu | Last month Canada finally joined 164 other countries in ratifying the International Labour Organization's Convention 98, a commitment to workers' right to organize and collective bargaining.
Blog - The Views Expressed July 13
Burning tire. Photo: Stephanus Riosetiawan/flickr
James Hutt | Lafarge-Holcim, the world's third-largest building supplies company, wants to burn 400,000 used tires a year at its cement plant just four kilometres away from the village of Brookfield, Nova Scotia.
Blog - The Views Expressed July 11
Left to right: Niki Ashton, Charlie Agnus, Guy Caron, Jagmeet Singh
Erin Weir | When federal NDP leadership candidates debate in Saskatoon on Tuesday, they need to explain how they would help make carbon pricing work for Saskatchewan.
Blog - The Views Expressed July 6
 Image: Flickr/OFL Communications Department
Ed Finn | The callous mistreatment of working people was not only condoned, but even extolled -- and not just by the business establishment.
Blog - The Views Expressed July 5
Three children operating rocker at a gold mine on Dominion Creek, Yukon Territory. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Eric A. Hegg Photographs
Ed Finn | Corporate-decreed barbarism and inequality is already rampant in many developing countries, and even in some developed ones. Including Canada.
Blog - The Views Expressed July 5
tax image labeled for reuse on pixabay
Dennis Howlett | The tax system can be a powerful tool for redistributing wealth and reducing inequality and poverty. We all benefit from a more equal society with better health, reduced crime, and better education.
Blog - The Views Expressed June 30
Pipes for the Keystone Pipeline. Image: Wikimedia Commons/shannonpatrick17
Gordon Laxer | The rule obligates Canada to make available to the U.S. the same share of oil, natural gas and electricity as the previous three years. No other country has signed away access to its energy resources.
Blog - The Views Expressed June 30
Dixon Terbasket at the first billboard raising on IR #2 (Lower Similkameen Indian Band) Photo credit: Zeus Helios
Neil Nunn | An Okanagan-Syilx-led collaborative awareness project called Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth brings awareness to the work that Canada 150 does to erase and occlude current and historical injustices.
Blog - The Views Expressed June 29
Labour Demonstration against wage controls, Parliament Hill, 1942. Image: Library and Archives Canada/flickr
Ed Finn | As we approach Canada's 150th anniversary, acknowledgement of the substantial contribution trade unions have made to Canada's development and progress is nowhere to be seen.
Blog - The Views Expressed June 23
"Marea Blanca" protest against health privatization in Spain. Photo: Adolfo Lujan/flickr
David A. McDonald | Privatization has been given ample chance to succeed and has come up short. Evidence is building that people are able to reclaim public services and usher in a new generation of public ownership.
Blog - The Views Expressed June 16
Photo credit: Manon Parrot
Peter Whitaker | Target benefit pensions shift all the risks of pension liabilities away from employers and governments onto the backs of employees and retirees, to be paid through reduced benefits and pensions.
Blog - The Views Expressed June 12
Lego Wonder Women. Image: Flickr/minddesk​
Nada Elia | It is time to let actors know we will hold them accountable for normalizing anti-Palestinian violence, regardless of their nationality.
Blog - The Views Expressed June 6
Photo credit: Manon Parrot
Peter Whitaker | Bill C-27 establishes a framework for target benefit pensions in the federal private sector and Crown corporations. Why are the Liberals resurrecting the Conservatives' pension plan agenda?
Blog - The Views Expressed May 31
Photo: George Rex/flickr
Don Duchene | For over 20 years the idea of Nova Scotians having our own educational broadcaster has popped up, in fits and starts, but it has never put down roots.
Blog - The Views Expressed May 19
Image: DanielPaquet/Wikimedia Commons
Erin Weir | Why is Wall making noise about an equalization formula that does not affect transfers to Saskatchewan while keeping quiet about a transit funding formula that massively short-changes our province?
Blog - The Views Expressed May 12
Jimmy Kimmel
Ed Finn | "If your baby doesn’t have to die, it shouldn't matter how much money you make," Jimmy Kimmel argued.
Blog - The Views Expressed May 10
Libby Davies | Canada can, and should, use its influence at the UN, in the international community, and with Israel directly, to call for attention and action to respond to the Palestinian prisoner demands.
Blog - The Views Expressed May 10
Ofer Prison
Nahla Abdo | Palestinian political prisoners have been on a hunger strike since April 16, demanding respect for their basic human rights.
Blog - The Views Expressed April 28
Image: Flickr/Joseph King
Ed Finn | Canadian workers' deaths and injuries more numerous per capita than in most other developed nations.
Blog - The Views Expressed April 27
Ed Finn | Approximately 1,000 Canadians are killed on the job every year, and approximately another million injured despite laws meant to protect them.