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St. Albert Catholic school board has spent more than $367,000 to defend firing of transgender teacher | May 3 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Whatever the Roman Catholic Church's doctrine is on whether people ought to transition from one gender to another, this hardly seems like a good use of tax dollars!
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Péladeau's departure gives PQ an opportunity to redefine itself | May 3 2016 | Karl Nerenberg | Pierre Karl Péladeau was an outlier among leaders of the party founded by René Lévesque. He was further to the right and more hardline on the national question. Which way will the PQ turn now?
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Divest from damage and invest in a healthier future | May 3 2016 | David Suzuki | Banks and advisers are warning clients about the dangers of fossil-fuel-related portfolios, noting climate agreements, government regulations, reduced demand and market volatility make them risky.
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It's never been easier to get the public to accept privatizing our schools | May 3 2016 | Lizanne Foster | There are a few ways you can prime parents and the public into accepting privatization in schools. (This is satire folks.)
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Nova Scotia has a race problem | May 3 2016 | Stephen Kimber | We like to believe the bad old days are now historic artifacts to be mea culpa-ed during African Nova Scotia Month each year. The reality is we have never fully escaped our history.
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Faith groups' diminishing influence in assisted dying debate shows how secular Canada has become | May 3 2016 | Dennis Gruending | In the debate about Bill C-14, legislation regarding medical assistance in dying, faith groups are one voice among many.
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Votaries of right-wing unity gather in Red Deer, vote to form yet another Alberta conservative party | May 2 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Devotees of the idea Alberta's right must unite gathered in Red Deer Saturday and came up with a plan to form a third conservative party. Not sure just how this is supposed to work.
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The Globe and Mail ignores Wente's plagiarism | May 2 2016 | John Miller | Without an investigation, the paper stands by its columnist. But shouldn't the Globe do a thorough investigation, like the other papers that have found themselves in the same position?
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Don't blame loudmouth extremist Craig Chandler for PC Leader Ric McIver's troubles -- they're all his own | Apr 30 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Anything can happen in politics, but it's hard to imagine that interim Progressive Conservative Leader Ric McIver isn't finished.
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Photo essay: Occupy INAC Toronto | Apr 30 2016 | Krystalline Kraus | Just days before the occupation at the Indigenous and Northern Affairs (INAC) office in Toronto ended, photographer David Coombs took these photos.
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Spotlight on homeless deaths | Apr 30 2016 | Cathy Crowe, Naheed Dosani | Investigative journalism makes a difference in the court of public opinion and social policy.
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Promising, paid internships at unionized media disappearing as industry crumbles | Apr 29 2016 | Errol Salamon | Aspiring journalists are at risk of losing these opportunities to become better journalists as media companies continue to cut jobs in order to reduce organizational spending.
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Will Justin Trudeau be remembered as the man who saved Canada or the Prince of Selfies? | Apr 29 2016 | Nick Fillmore | By withholding the truth about our government's almost certain inability to control future carbon emissions, our prime minister is guilty of downplaying the greatest threat ever to face Canada.
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Insightful Parkland study of how media covers workplace injuries helps put yesterday's tragedy in perspective | Apr 28 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | Media and employers cannot be depended on to make Alberta workplaces safer. Only government can do this job. A new report by the Parkland Institute shows the way.
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Their bodies, themselves: Provocative new doc showcases real beauty of yesteryear's burlesque legends | Apr 28 2016 | Aalya Ahmad | 'League of Exotique Dancers' follows women who, decades ago, worked as burlesque dancers, and takes the taboo step of depicting aging women as sensual beings.
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The case of Dr. Gabrielle Horne reveals problems in our health system | Apr 27 2016 | Stephen Kimber | It is past time for authorities to figure out new, better ways to handle professional disputes -- for the sake of the doctors involved, and for the health of us all.
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The rules of the Senate aren't 'unclear.' Just don't rob the citizens of Canada | Apr 27 2016 | Gerry Caplan | If you have the nerve to accept a Senate seat, your duty is clear: treat the position with the greatest possible respect and put in a fair day's work in the public interest.
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An economics lesson for Rachel Notley | Apr 27 2016 | Scott Vrooman | The premier's claim that the Leap Manifesto isn't economically "pragmatic" fails to recognize that there can't be a sustainable economy without a healthy planet.
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Preston Manning is now publicly, openly at the centre of Alberta's latest 'unite-the-right' effort | Apr 27 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | In order to unite the right, Preston Manning is going to have to unite the fight to unite the right. That may be a tall order.
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Journalism and democracy in the Chronicle Herald strike | Apr 27 2016 | Andrew Biro | The Chronicle Herald strike shows how labour disputes are often about struggles over expertise and authority in the work process. And it shows the importance of responsible journalism for a democracy.