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Confused facts, misdirected rants: Salutin attacks Chow on child-care | Aug 1 2015 | Christopher Majka | Does Olivia Chow bear responsibility for the demise of the national child-care plan of 2005? The Toronto Star's Rick Salutin seems to think so. Let's look at the history and the facts.
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5 Terrorism sound bites for Rob Nicholson | Aug 1 2015 | Scott Vrooman | The foreign affairs minister has asked bureaucrats to provide him with three terrorism-related statements per week. Here are five, on the house.
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The law cannot progress without courageous clients | Jul 31 2015 | DJ Larkin | Never before has a group of homeless Canadians been able to challenge the constitutionality of their treatment and displacement by a city's staff and police.
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Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone: As PM, Stephen Harper's economic performance is a bust! | Jul 31 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | What do you have to do to focus the media's attention on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's horrible economic performance? Draft a Top Ten List?
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TPP leaks show Canada Post and CBC up for trade | Jul 30 2015 | Council of Canadians | According to a document leaked on Wikileaks, the CBC and Canada Post could be jeopardized by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement being negotiated this week.
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Former Wildrose House leader Rob Anderson to test blogging as a cure for politics | Jul 30 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Once prominent Wildrose MLA vows to tell it like it is and expose "cult-like practice" of political parties in new blog.
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Third-party advertising 101 for the 2015 Canadian federal election | Jul 30 2015 | Kevin Grandia | Given all the election speculation. Thought people might appreciate this.
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As an MP, Chow was a passionate advocate for public transit | Jul 29 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | During her tenure in the House, Olivia Chow proposed initiatives to get the federal government involved in Canada's frayed urban transit systems.
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The executives who are holding us ransom | Jul 29 2015 | Simon Tremblay-Pepin | How is public corporation executives' level of compensation like a ransom? Simon Tremblay-Pepin explains the logic behind the metaphor: first, the kidnapping, then, the ransom.
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Water everywhere, Canadian policy nowhere | Jul 29 2015 | Maude Barlow | The UN says water is a human right, Canada says it's a corporate free-for-all.
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Tom Mulcair holds a press conference -- presto, Olivia Chow is the official NDP candidate | Jul 29 2015 | Michael Laxer | It seems that "democratic nomination process" thing is just as optional for the NDP as well!
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Good food is never cheap and cheap food is never good | Jul 29 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | Consider the political, social, economic and environmental impacts your food purchases have today and for generations to come.
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Jezebel fails feminists, chooses snark over respect, humanity, & accuracy | Jul 29 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Writer, Rachel Vorona Cote, disguises the truth about protests against Amnesty International in order to mock and dismiss feminist activism.
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Upstairs Downstairs at the Edmonton Journal as the Sun staff gets ready to move in | Jul 28 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Displaced journos from the Edmonton Sun are about to find a new home in the Edmonton Journal building as the merger of Postmedia and Sun Media proceeds apace.
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Where is Canada's digital inclusion strategy? | Jul 28 2015 | Suzanne Smythe | Digital access is an ongoing effort that requires a comprehensive vision and an integration of the seven principles of access, oriented to the needs of lower-income Canadians.
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The massive Nexen oil spill and the illusion of safety | Jul 28 2015 | Adam Scott | An important reminder of how misleading the oil industry's promises about safety are.
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Rouge Park deserves the same protection as other Canadian parks | Jul 28 2015 | David Suzuki | Because Rouge legislation falls short of provincial, national and international standards for protected areas, opposition parties have opposed it, as have Canada's leading environmental groups.
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DMV privatization is about politics, not economic sense | Jul 28 2015 | Stephen Kimber | Privatizing isn't about delivering better service, providing service more efficiently, or even saving the government money in the long run.
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Can Stephen Harper be trusted with another term in office? | Jul 28 2015 | Gerry Caplan | Any Canadian who has followed the practices of our government over the past decade will have her own examples of its integrity. At bottom, these tell us how our government thinks and operates.
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Judging Iran | Jul 28 2015 | Scott Vrooman | By keeping its sanctions in place against Iran, Canada is standing firm against the threat of peace in the Middle East.