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Blog - Education in the Age of Climate Change February 12
Lizanne Foster | Finance Minister De Jong's claims to a balanced budget actually reveal years of fiscal mismanagement and neglect.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 12
David J. Climenhaga | When it comes to education in Alberta, it turns out that competition is always good … except when it isn't! Who knew?
Blog - The Views Expressed February 10
Image: Twitter/@RealDonaldTrump
Nahla Abdo | All U.S. presidents, including Obama, have taken part in wars attempting to bring the Middle East to heel. Now it is Trump's turn.
Blog - Hill Dispatches February 10
Image: Flickr/World Bank Photo Collection
Karl Nerenberg | The PM's warning that an extremist party could gain some seats in parliament under a proportional system ignores the fact that the extreme right can win a majority under the current system.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 10
Dave Hancock
David J. Climenhaga | If we ask why we are spending public money on portraits of Alberta premiers (and Legislative Speakers, too, it must be added) we are asking the wrong question.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 10
Sabreena Ghaffar-Siddiqui | The six men murdered by a white nationalist in their place of prayer became ironic victims of the very label that the media and public use to condemn them: terrorist.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 9
Nelson Mandela, terrorist
Caroline Biotteau | Terrorism is more or less some form of violence used against civilians for ideological purposes. Unless the government is OK with it.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 9
Brian Jean
David J. Climenhaga | If unification of the right happens, it will be under the Wildrose structure, says Opposition Leader Brian Jean, and he will be a candidate to lead it.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 9
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Greg Squires | Trudeau's about-face on electoral reform and massive deficits will likely cost him the soft conservative and left vote that delivered a majority in 2015.
Blog - Economic Democracy February 9
Gary Engler | As long as there have been battles over resources people have objectified and demeaned the “other” but racism was invented to serve the economic interests of European capitalists.
Blog - Michel Lambert's blog February 8
Michel Lambert, Donald Cuccioletta | In the aftermath of the Quebec City tragedy, we need more than solidarity messages.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 8
Michael Janz
David J. Climenhaga | Horror-stricken Catholic school trustees quickly responded to Edmonton Public School Board Chair Michael Janz's call for optional Catholic programs in public schools.
Blog - David Suzuki February 8
Newspaper headline, "Great Storm Hits after 4-inch rain"
David Suzuki | Trying to communicate complex ideas and distill entire studies into eye-catching headlines and brief stories can open the door to misinformation and limited understanding.
Blog - Ben Powless February 8
Trump Supporter at Neo-Nazi Rally
Ben Powless | As corporations become more progressive than the GOP, how far will they go to retain their base?
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog February 7
Yves Engler | General Jonathan Vance claims the media's reporting on the Canadian Forces has created "very toxic narratives." Poor muffin.
Blog - MiningWatch blog February 7
March in Bucaramanga, Santander against Eco Oro Minerals and other companies
Fernanda Sánchez Jaramillo | Indigenous people, Afro-Colombians, union leaders, farmers, students and academics in Colombia confront Canadian mining companies.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 7
Fort Mac Fire
David J. Climenhaga | The Alberta Public Service yesterday was honoured by Deloitte Canada and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada for its response to 2016's Fort McMurray fire.
Blog - On The Other Hand February 7
Image: Flickr/Olivia Chow
Penney Kome | If you think news media cost too much, try making decisions in the dark.
Blog - KAIROS Witness February 7
Cheryl McNamara | Last January, KAIROS released its wish list for the year -- 10 plus one hopes for the federal government and the provinces to fulfill. Two of these were realized. Here are our wishes for 2017.
Blog - Yves Engler's Blog February 6
Image: Facebook/Jagmeet Singh
Yves Engler | As the NDP race revs up expect Palestine to be debated in a way that troubles Israeli nationalists.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 6
N. Murray Edwards
David J. Climenhaga | The story of billionaire flight from Alberta persists in Conservative circles. Luckily, it turns out Rona Ambrose, leader of the Opposition, is in a position to set the record straight!
Blog - On The Other Hand February 6
Image: C-SPAN
Penney Kome | Block fake news by learning how to spot it.
Blog - Hill Dispatches February 6
PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
Karl Nerenberg | Conservatives are thrilled we're keeping first-past-the-post. It gives them a chance of repeating 2011: winning a majority, even though most voters would choose anybody but them.
Blog - Christopher Majka February 6
Christopher Majka | How can honouring an oft-repeated and unambiguous promise to implement electoral reform, widely supported by Canadians, be irresponsible? How can keeping your political word "harm Canadian stability"?
Blog - Alberta Diary February 5
Rob Anderson
David J. Climenhaga | The days when party leaders like Danielle Smith and Rob Anderson expressed support for front-line health-care workers, are clearly over.
Blog - Reflections February 4
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drafts his statement following the terrorist attac
Ehab Lotayef | Electoral reform that "makes every vote count" strengthens minorities. Yet it is abandoned at the same time the Muslim minority is told it would be heard.
Blog - The Activist Toolkit Blog February 3
Joe Brusky, Love Resist Divest by the Overpass Light Brigade
Maya Bhullar | New networks of organizers are building locally and globally to oppose the attacks on everything we believe in. Here are some Canada-focused tools to fight back against Trumpism.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 2
Image: Facebook/Soldiers of Odin
Caroline Biotteau | After a white, male Quebecker enamoured with Trump and the alt-right murdered six people in a mosque Sunday evening, it took many by surprise. It shouldn't have.
Blog - The Views Expressed February 2
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Emilie Taman | Promises to fix child care, maternity leave, and pensions that treat women fairly have all been broken -- and can't be forgotten because the PM has a nice tweet game.
Blog - Alberta Diary February 2
Elizabeth May
David J. Climenhaga | Did anyone really expect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to keep his electoral reform promise? Other than the Green Party leader, that is.