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Blog - AHRC Dignitas October 23
Marc Gionet | The narrow scope in which the issue of Afghan detainees is being examined tends to mitigate the original circumstances that laid the foundation for these abuses to take place.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 22
Nezua | For the most part, it's been a good week for immigration reform.
Blog -'s staff blog October 22
rabble staff | The Council of Canadians are holding their AGM this weekend in New Brunswick, and rabble will be there, live broadcasting keynote addresses by Maude Barlow, John Cavanagh and Gary Leach.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 21
Lindsay Beyerstein | A plan to reform health care that includes a robust public option would actually cut the deficit, according to preliminary estimates by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).
Blog - John Bonnar's October 21
John Bonnar | The number of migrants in all sectors of the local sex industry in the Greater Toronto Area has dramatically increased in the last ten years, according to a recent study.
Blog - Murray Dobbin's blog October 20
Murray Dobbin | There is an alarming trend in Canada in the past few months of governments demonstrating contempt for the law and for people's civil liberties.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 20
Zach Carter | The U.S. economy has diverged: Wall Street is living high on the hog while everyone else is struggling.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 20
Dave Markland | Officials are ready to announce that Karzai won less than half the vote in the Aug. 20 elections. The Obama administration supports a deal to avert a run-off vote.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 18
Dave Markland | A pair of dispatches show low morale among Canadian troops and conflict with their Afghan counterparts.
Blog - Fred Wilson’s blog October 18
Fred Wilson | The pension crisis has the potential to be a game changer after three weeks of game control and opinion poll gains by the Conservatives.
Blog - Time for change October 17
Gary Shaul | The Movies of Uncommon Knowledge (MUCK) festival wrapped up earlier this month. I had the chance to see 4 films and offer my reflections.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 16
Raquel Brown | The U.S. might not have to go to December’s climate change talks in Copenhagen empty handed.
Blog - Peggy Nash's blog October 16
Peggy Nash | Surprise greeted the "good news story" that job gains were posted for the month of September. While no job increases were predicted, some 30,600 jobs were created. But hold the champagne.
Blog - October 16
Dennis Howlett | For four years now, millions of people across this world of ours, come together over three days to "Stand Up and End Poverty." It's inspiring. And it's as if the event is on steroids.
Blog - Sharon Fraser's Blog October 16
Sharon Fraser | There has been a backlash against some of the strong language we used as feminists in the '70s. Nowadays, patriarchy is mostly used in speaking of Afghanistan or other cultures that we demonise.
Blog - Time for change October 15
Gary Shaul | The Ontario Public Service Employees Union greening program continues to make progress.
Blog - Word of the Rings October 15
Pina Belperio | As we approach the home stretch of the 2010 Olympics, local residents are faced with new assaults on their freedom of speech and movement.
Blog - Judy Rebick's Blog October 15
Judy Rebick | Today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change. I'm not sure what effect thousands of blogs on climate change will have but I know we have to do something to stop the climate criminals in Canada.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 15
Media Consortium Blogger, By Nezua | A crowd of thousands gathered on Capitol Hill Tuesday, to lobby for and support immigration reform, as Debayani Kar writes for RaceWire.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 14
Dave Markland | A soldier writes from Afghanistan to say locals embrace the foreign occupiers. But the locals say differently.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 14
Lindsay Beyerstein | Yesterday, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee finally passed its health care bill.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 14
Dave Markland | The 30 year war in Afghanistan takes its civilian toll in lives and mental health.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 13
Dave Markland | Japanese foreign minister states his country will end support for war in Afghanistan.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 13
Zach Carter | Last month, the U.S. unemployment rate surged to 9.8 per cent as 260,000 people lost their jobs.
Blog - Health Care Testimonials From Canadians October 13
Des Emery | Where are the crowds, carrying signs demanding their "right" to health services?
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog October 12
Derrick O'Keefe | In an era marked by pre-emptive arrest and pre-emptive war, it’s perhaps fitting that Barack Obama has been awarded a pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize.
Blog - StopWar Blog October 11
Dave Markland | After nine months occupying Wardak, U.S. troops are demorallized. Locals didn't want them there in the first place.
Blog - Time for change October 9
Gary Shaul | Contracting out in the Ontario Public Service is an addiction, ultimately a waste of taxpayers dollars and a disservice to the public.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 9
Raquel Brown | President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today for his accomplishments in international diplomacy, climate change and attempts to curb nuclear proliferation.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog October 8
Nezua | After the shadowy Bush years, the emergence of reasonable policy can be a little surprising.