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Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 9
Pierre Beaudet | As days go by, the Harper revolution is floundering. With the setbacks it suffered earlier on, it is now the target of ordinary people who think that the PM is not responding to the financial meltdown
Blog - Sharon Fraser's Blog October 9
Sharon Fraser | Stephen Harper was pretending to be something he is not, during the 2008 federal election.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 8
Pierre Beaudet | For sure now, not considering the results next Monday, the anti Harper camp has established its ‘hegemony'. It is not only (and perhaps mainly) quantitative, in relation to the number of people who wi
Blog - Sharon Fraser's Blog October 8
Sharon Fraser | Elizabeth May was running third in Central Nova, but groups from outside the riding endorsed her as the best choice to defeat Harper - and split the anti-Tory vote.
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog October 8
Corvin Russell | Harper's mishandling of the economy, and Judy Rebick's modest proposal
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog October 8
Corvin Russell | Apparently, it's too risky for left wing parties to do the right thing.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 7
Scott Piatkowski | The Liberals have been having a great old time blaming the NDP for putting the Martin government out of its misery.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 7
Pierre Beaudet | La crise actuelle est mondiale même si elle est «visible» surtout aux États-Unis. De par la mondialisation des marchés, elle risque de «contaminer» les principaux pays capitalistes en Europe, au Japon
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 6
Pierre Beaudet | In an unusual way during an electoral campaign, over 10 000 people came out in the streets today to denounce Harper. The mood was festive, with lots of singers, poets, writers in abundance, including
Blog - Sharon Fraser's Blog October 6
Sharon Fraser | CBC The National cut a strong NDP candidate out of their story on an all-candidates debate in Central Nova,
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 5
Scott Piatkowski | Post-debate polls show the Liberals holding onto second place by as little as two percentage points over the NDP.
Blog - Robert Chernomas' blog October 4
Robert Chernomas | Cutting corporate and upper income taxes means they are free to spend more of their unearned income on things most important to them.
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 3
Scott Piatkowski | Everyone else is offering their post-debate analysis, so here's mine.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog October 2
James Laxer | Stephen Harper played defence for two hours during last night's French language debate
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 2
Pierre Beaudet | Last night was the ‘big debate' on Radio-Canada. It was by and large pathetic, meaningless, and flippant at the best, boring at the worst.
Blog - Sharon Fraser's Blog October 2
Sharon Fraser | There was no momentum for the Harper Conservatives in Atlantic Canada, where most MPs were likely to be re-elected.
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog October 2
Corvin Russell | Don't trust this blog post
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog October 2
Corvin Russell | More things that are pissing me off, including the incredibly inadequate political discourse on the financial crisis, and a proposal to address it
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog October 2
Corvin Russell | Four big ideas missing in action from this election
Blog - Scott Piatkowski's blog October 1
Scott Piatkowski | Pundits' Guide, a project of Ottawa number cruncher Alice Funke, has rapidly established itself as the go to site for policy wonks and election geeks in search of meaningful information.
Blog - Blair Redlin October 1
Blair Redlin | The format of the French language t.v. debate, with leaders seated around a table and with taped questions from electors, allowed for a range of real issues to be covered.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog October 1
James Laxer | Fingers-crossed, here's how things might go in the French leaders' debate tonight and the English debate tomorrow night.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog October 1
Pierre Beaudet | I was never a fan of Bob Rae for obvious reasons. But yesterday he did something important. He unveiled the secret, the taboo, the hidden factor: Harper is a dangerous man. Not only because he is an i
Blog - Dionne Brand's blog October 1
Dionne Brand | God help me I’ve been visiting the Conservative Party web site. Now being an atheist you know when I invoke god I’m truly in trouble, but the web site can generate a Women’s Studies course all on its
Blog - Robert Chernomas' blog September 30
Robert Chernomas | Top ten reasons for thanking conservatives...
Blog - Mai Nguyen September 30
Mai Nguyen | Saying no to war isn’t that easy. When you’ve got a pile of debt from your student loans, it’s hard to refuse when military recruiters dangle a “solution” to your problems.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog September 30
James Laxer | One Republican Congressman who voted against the Bush administration's bailout package yesterday said it was a choice between freedom and material comfort. He chose freedom.
Blog - Pierre Beaudet's Blog September 30
Pierre Beaudet | Over 400 people ‘welcomed' Harper yesterday in northern Quebec to tell him that he was NOT welcomed there.
Blog - Dionne Brand's blog September 30
Dionne Brand | Conservatives and their satraps religiously haul out the ‘law and order’ stick each election. Fear not remedy is at the base of their deploying this trope.
Blog - Blair Redlin September 29
Blair Redlin | Is it just me, or are the size of these dollar figures starting to make your head spin?